JCR Meeting Minutes 26/02/17

Minutes for the 3rd JCR meeting of Epiphany Term 2017

Sunday 26th February, 7pm, Dining Hall

Apologies are to be submitted to Jack Tellyn, JCR Chair, at JCRapologies@gmail.com or to the Exec Mailbox by the Dining Hall before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

1. The minutes of the last meeting

These are available on the JCR Website

2. Matters Arising

There are no matters arising,

3. JCR Announcements

Announcements from JCR officers.

Sam Martin – Mary’s men basketball finals next Saturday. Come down 8.30, support the team.

4. Motions

Motion to ratify SMCWRFC (Appendix A)

Question: 600% increase how many people?

A: 7 right now, 1 last year

Motion passed


Motion to ratify MAAS (Mary’s Arch & Anth Soc) (Appendix B)

Motion passed


5. Questions of Officers

These should be written down and put in the Exec Mailbox addressed to the JCR Chair by 6pm on the day before the meeting. Questions must be signed, although this does not mean your name will be read out in the meeting if you would like to remain anonymous.


6. Elections, Hustings and Interviews

I. IT Rep

Charlie McCord

Proposed by: Peter Watson

Seconded by: Eloise Fitzmaurice

  • Done it for a year
  • Improve actual contact with the student body – more training for things such as printing, training for citation software, see what else people want.
  • Introduce page in Freshers’ handbook for wifi set-up, how to get free Microsoft Office.
  • Post on Freshers’ page and ‘Stuff You Need’ section – TV/printer/mini fridge/console cannot connect to the WiFi.
  • Tell people to run the scan before coming to Durham.
  • Carry on with WiFi clinics during Freshers’ Week/first week back after holidays.
  • Carry on with Google Earth Tour – as not everyone has Facebook so should increase use of website.
  • Post menu on website.
  • Improve JCR meeting livestreaming facilities (eg. Get an actual mic)
  • Bring back the parking dance during move-in day.

Q: Possibility for an app for timetables?

A: Something on the cards, as well as exam timetables.

 II. International Students’ Rep

Tullia Fraser

Proposed by: Jason Kwan

Seconded by: Josh McKinnon

  • First year doing archaeology, from Hong Kong.
  • Want to address a key issue – cultural difference between international and local students. Want to bridge the gap.
  • Ideas:
    • Add more activities eg. City tours (so internationals can settle into Durham and Mary’s even faster)
    • Build on this year’s murder mystery – possibly a two-part event, first part during international induction week, part 2 during Freshers’ week so internationals and local freshers can work together.
    • Introduce international procedures – police checks, BRP collection – to Freps in order for them to provide guidance to freshers.
    • Arrange weekly drop-ins throughout the year for things from opening bank accounts or just to talk about home.
    • Involve both JCR and MCR in the International Food Fair, with equal mix between local and international students to bridge cultural divide. Proceedings going to the JCR and a charity.
    • Bring in more Freps to give more rest for Freps. Consider enforced breaks.
      • 30-70 mix of local and international freps for iFrep team.
    • Hold leadership and teamwork training during prep week for Freps.
    • Ideas are open to suggestions.
  • Very passionate about role.

Q: How do you feel about the integration of the international frep team and the home frep team?

A: Worked really well, didn’t really notice it, but there was only one local student in the iFrep team. Want to add more locals in the iFrep team.

Q: Any ideas of possible events for throughout the year? Great way to introducing home students to cultures they may not know before.

A: Credits to Leon – Dumpling making even during Chinese New Year (this is a tradition).

III.           Senior Tech Officer 

Jack Dobson

Proposed by: Charly Robson

Seconded by: Peter Watson


  • Tech is very important in college – illustrated by live lounge and masquerade the past week.
  • Want to define roles within tech committee more, beef up the interview stage, increase more work on the sound side of things.
  • Will continue working together with current STO – Will McGowan.
  • Increase accessibility to tech
    • Educate people on how to use tech instruments, as there is a lot in the tech cupboard.
    • Tidy and make a catalogue of the tech cupboard.
  • Increase the number of music events in college
  • Have experience with sound mixing, working with bands and orchestras in a lot of venues – perfect for Mary’s because we have a lot of places to hold events at.
  • Head of Tech in sixth form so used to educating students and leading a team much like the tech committee.


Q: How would you balance time between band and role?

A: Will spend a lot of time in science site next year, so will pop in to college a lot and therefore will be on hand to help out a lot. Really looking forward to working with new students, and have experience performing and sound mixing so will carry that forward.


Q: Favourite piece of tech kit?

A: The big mixing desk in Mary’s, and generally a good drum machine.

IV. Senior DUCK Rep(s)

Cerys Jones and Jordan Blunsom

Proposed by: Will McGowan

Seconded by: Jack Dobson


  • Cerys has been an integral member of the DUCK exec this year, having a key part in organising every DUCK event this academic year, supporting Maddie and Eloise to deliver dynamic fundraising events
  • Cerys has previous charitable experience, hosting swimming galas and a founding member of her school’s amnesty international society
  • Jordan planned and undertook a large-scale fundraising walk, raising just under £4,000, and has also engaged in many other charity events, from sponsored leg waxing to 24 hour runs.


  • Engrain DUCK’s fibres in sports and other societies – example: rugby-netball match. Build upon this – maybe charity tournament amongst all Mary’s sports teams.
  • Integrate with other societies eg. Arts, FemSoc.
  • Encourage people to launch their own charity initiatives by giving help and support.
  • Large DUCK event in/around Fresher’s Week eg. Karaoke event during Freshers’ Week – launch DUCK cocktail and mocktail. Ensure people are aware of DUCK and what it offers.
  • Make greater use of the DUCK board for college and uni DUCK events publicity.
  • Hold a large-scale DUCK event, like the 48 hour Triathlon that Jordan initiated this year, or something more accessible like a bop.


Alison Wilshaw and Kate Hamblin

Proposed by: Hanna Banks

Seconded by: Ruth Kaufmann Wolfe



  • Kate – charity rep throughout secondary school. Organised sixth form’s netball team’s Pretty Muddy Race for Life, and Macmillan Coffee Morning. Events Rep for DUCK this year, aware of how DUCK works and what is needed to get things done.
  • Al – Raised £800 on a trip to Soweto, completed National Citizen Service Award, volunteered at local youth club and scouts group, finished the race for life and currently training for a Half Marathon.
  • Will invest time and effort into DUCK.
    • Good friends, work really well together as a team.
    • Live together next year, so will be easier to coordinate DUCK events.


  • Hold a DUCK event in Fresher’s Week to improve DUCK publicity.
  • Expand size of the exec, get more committee (not exec) or ducklings involved.
  • Increase collaboration with other societies (eg. WAM, SocComm, Arts and Sports)
    • Example events – Netball vs Rugby netball charity match
  • More Wine and Cheese evenings
  • Make triathlon an annual event
  • Ensure DUCK bop/formal goes ahead
  • Hold at least one big event each term
  • Introduce a number of new events eg. Informal, Mary’s Sports Day, Mary’s Got Talent, water fight, Easter Egg deliveries.
  • Support one local and national charity nominated and chosen by Marians.


Q: Do you think that you’re being too ambitious with your plans?

A (A+K): No, with more people involved it’ll be fine.

A (J+C): No, a lot of people want to be involved and have lots of ideas.


Q: Apart from JCR giving you money, how are you going to get more profits?

A (J+C): People fundraising.

A (A+K): More publicity, collaboration between more societies.



V. Livers’ Out Rep

Josh McKinnon

Proposed by: Georgia Hardisty

Seconded by: Juliane Thorbjørnsen

  • Work with WAM to help put people without housemates to get into contact with each other – set up ‘meet and greet’ session.
  • Make a Facebook group, help with housing arrangements with landlords like people who go on year abroads.
  • Promote more benefits for livers out – work with Soc Com to get ‘equal priority’ on certain formals eg. 50% livers out, 50% livers in.
  • Increase number of livers’ out brunches.

Zoë Taylor

Proposed by: Laura Martin

Seconded by: Jenny Avdoi

  • Third-year mathematician going into fourth year next year.
  • President of MMV
  • Mary’s table tennis
  • A lot of experience dealing with a lot of housing situations
    • Signing early or really late
    • Pulling out of contracts
    • Dealing with friendship groups
    • Negotiating prices
    • Getting summer rent free
    • Living with strangers
    • Signing with private landlords and estate agents.
    • Would be ideal to pass on knowledge to future livers’ out.


  • Push for welfare aspect of the role and work with WAM.
  • More involved with the SU regarding contract advice and support.
  • Work with college to help Erasmus students finding houses and housemates, or putting them in touch with other Marians who are looking for housemates.
  • Let people going on year abroad know that you can sign a year early.
  • Make people aware of shortcuts from various areas like Neville’s Cross, Gilesgate and Viaduct.
  • Provide support with issues moving in, being available to contact, provide information for moving in (eg. Inventories etc)
    • What to do with bills, insurance, TV Licenses, council tax exemption.
    • How to be good renters, good neighbours etc
  • Main focus – stay in touch and up to date with college news and goings on.
  • Keep livers’ out brunches, add in drop in lunch Fridays.
  • Possibly explore once-a-term toastie delivery outside college or to the library.
  • Help anyone to navigate their current and future accommodation situation while still feeling fully part of college life.

Q: How would you prevent freshers panic signing unnecessarily early?

A (Z): Make people aware that some houses are released later and later, tell personal experience of signing in May in first year.

A (J): Chat in freshers week to give information as there is nothing this year, post on new freshers page regularly.


Q: How would you support people who are in an unhappy house?

A (J): Promote meet and greet, so you don’t have to spend so much time being unhappy in your house. Work with WAM.

A (Z): Main reason why pushing for welfare role – ideas like spend more time outside of house, library or friends’ house, work with WAM.


VI. Environment Officer

Jess Chadwick

Proposed by: Giulia Zavagno

Seconded by: Nikitah Mangat

  • Secretary of Mary’s environment committee, clear understanding of Laura Martin’s (current Environment officer) role within student committee and the college environment group meetings.
    • Produced each meeting’s minutes
    • Helped several events run (eg. Energy pledges during Energy Awareness week)
    • Organising the upcoming Environment Acoustic Night – to gain practical experience of running Environment events.
  • Volunteered with the Woodland Trust – help with large scale environmental events. Develop relevant teamwork skills.
  • Ideas:
    • Increase attendance – encourage a greater range of years and genders to join to increase diversity, produce greater range of ideas that appeal to more people.
    • Increase committee’s presence on social media – engage more people.
    • Team up with other societies
      • Uni/college societies eg. Conservation Soc or SMCAS
    • More events
      • Environment themed events, eg. Environment Formal, Environment Bop – include all of Mary’s.
    • Increase Fairtrade/local source proportion in college food, increase variety of vegetarian/vegan meals.
    • Encourage livers out to be involved.

VII.         Sports Officer

Kat Jackson

Proposed by: Helen Apostolides

Seconded by: Henry Meech

  • First year studying ancient civilisations and archaeology.
  • Believe sport is of great importance, and Mary’s sport is a vital part of college life.
  • Helped find her feet during first term, want to promote and represent it on a larger scale.
  • Not only significant to new freshers, but to anyone within college, male/female within any team.


  • Involved with college A team netball, Women’s Hockey, and have rowed for the Senior Women – commitment to Mary’s Sports.
  • House sports officer during sixth form – can communicate with teams well, ensure captains are aware of events and opportunities for their teams.
  • House captain during sixth form – leadership and organisational skills.
  • Secretary of athletics club – teamwork and organisational skills.
  • Captained First XI hockey and netball teams – can delegate efficiently, teamwork.
  • Played regional hockey for 5 years at Maiden Castle – understand how the centre runs (liaising/co-operating with other sporting bodies).


  • Promote Mary’s sport, oversee each sports team and societies and publishing weekly round-up.
  • Create college sport timetable on JCR website and freshers page – increase visibility to college community (encourage college to support Mary’s teams), allow college members to see when cours/pitches are in use.
  • Organise special one-off training sessions with professionals to boost motivation.
  • Believe in equal opportunities within sport.


Will Jollans

Proposed by: Matt Drean

Seconded by: Peter Galea

Hello everyone, I am Will Jollans I think I would be a great sports officer. I could passionately speak about why you should vote for me, but it’s a long JCR meeting, so instead I am going to try in poem form. Be warned I do numbers not words:

I am here to be your next officer of sports

When I’m in the role I’ll work to reduce the price of courts

I want everyone to be active, fit and healthy

To do that you shouldn’t have to be super wealthy


After the success of the basketball streams

I think it would be good to be able to watch more teams

We felt great with over 500 views

But I hear you cry, why only the one sport to choose


A good place to start is Fresher’s week

So people will know what sports they seek

In these sessions you can meet new faces

So get up, get out, tie those laces


Alright guys, I’m sorry I’m still rhyming

But this JCR meeting is generous with timing

At writing limericks I’ve tried my hand

I would sing, but I wasn’t good enough to get into the band


There once was a team which lacked a member

But in team Mary’s stash meant they kept warm in November

They advertised on my new forum

To find more people to play for em

But I hope next time more will remember


Right, that’s enough from me and I’m out of time

Any questions? It’s ok, I won’t answer in rhyme

Upon writing the ending it was such a shame

As nothing rhymes with my goddamn name


Reinforce ideas:

  • Integrate taster sessions into freshers week.
  • Bring down certain court booking costs to lower subs.
  • Provide platform for teams to advertise for players for a match.
  • Introduce an easy way for booking of sports venues within Mary’s.


Jessie Downing

Proposed by: Jamie Taylor

Seconded by: Maddie Smith

  • Third year natural scientist.


  • Very sporty – rowing, rugby, hockey, football and cheerleading (in Mary’s), basketball, netball and underwater hockey (home).
  • Range of experience allows for understanding of the needs of different clubs, interested in all the sports Mary’s does.
  • Seen how Team Mary’s developed, and the type of changes that can be done to improve it.
  • Approachable, experienced, love Mary’s and love sports.


  • Build an underground sports complex at Mary’s and make Trevs pay for it.
  • Event of the week – highlight a sports event to get as much support from college as possible.
  • More floodlit cup style matches – would push for in college sports meetings – potentially start off as warm up games or friendlies for the men’s cup.
  • Joint post varsity social events – organize a formal with Trevs with some ents or bands afterwards.
  • Shoutout to those who put lots of hours in with Team Durham.
  • College fitness sessions not aimed at any particular sport if there is enough interest.
  • ‘Try something new’ weekend when there is not a lot of fixtures.
  • Charity matches.


James Callender

Proposed by: Jack Smith

Seconded by: Beth Davenport

  • First year studying Modern Languages and Cultures.
  • Care a lot about sports.
  • Main objective – make sport as enjoyable and accessible for everyone at Mary’s, continue with all the good that sport does for Mary’s.


  • Involved with Mary’s Rugby – proud to represent the college.
  • Sports editor for Mary’s Journo soc
  • Work at Mary’s bar


  • Use sports as a tool to tackle any stigma about talking about and dealing with mental health issues.
    • Change very masculine and competitive environments that are not conducive to people sharing their feelings, but without losing the competitive edge and banter.
  • Foster an environment of not being afraid to talk about mental health through sport.
    • Collaborate with WAM, raise awareness of issues of mental health, reduce stigma by talking about it.
    • Put team captains and exec members through welfare training with WAM – friendly face for team mates to raise issues.
  • Explore options for cheaper stash (Priority) – those who do multiple sports find it hard to afford all stash.
    • Possible options – get clubs to work together to make one large stash order, JCR funding, fundraising events for stash.
  • Reform gym access system – through campus cards like the reading room and the library.
    • Remove two-person for access rule – allow solo use but not risky exercises such as bench press or squats which require spotters, or extensive induction and signed off for solo gym user.
  • Create community for people who like watching sport, open the bar to show big sporting events – would be happy to open the bar as bar staff.
  • Continue sports roundup, but through the Journo Soc online platform – look more professional.
    • Vote for athlete of the week (through a shortlist) – democratise the process and increase involvement with the roundup.
  • Open to suggestions.


Myles MacKay

Proposed by: Rob Wiles

Seconded by: Mima Coleman

  • College sport has been very important and enjoy it immensely.


  • Team Mary’s snapchat account
    • Feature a game every week with photos and short video clips uploaded.
    • Keep non-attendees updated and bring more unity to college sport.
  • Increase number of joint socials
    • Some clubs do not have enough people for a social.
    • Put social secs in touch to organise joint socials.
  • Try to get a photographer to as many games as possible
    • Upload to Team Mary’s page possibly in coincidence with release of sports report.
  • Encourage teams to submit a report
  • Increase emphasis on college sport during fresher’s week, explain what it is and how to sign up.
  • Emulate “Learn to Row” scheme in other sports, eg. Lacrosse or ultimate Frisbee to increase participation and encourage people to try new sports.
  • Organise more fundraisers for charity through sport
  • Encourage people to donate to sporting events already happening in college, eg. Jordan’s 48-hour triathlon in the summer.


Harry Ewbank

Proposed by: Eliza Arare Parbi

Seconded by: George Townsend


  • Aim – get as many people playing for Team Mary’s as possible
  • Expand charity events to include whole of Mary’s, not only people already doing sport.
    • Summer sports day, dodgeball tournament.
    • Charity Team Mary’s calendar.
  • More sporting activities during Fresher’s Week.
    • Encourage people to play sport for Team Mary’s, show potential DU sportsman Team Mary’s quality and variety.
  • Another taster sessions half way through first term as Freshers Week is very busy.
  • Player of the month interview in addition to weekly roundup – fun way of getting people to know the big players.
  • Film matches, then post highlight reels alongside weekly roundup. No livestream to increase number of people coming to matches to support.

VIII.       Treasurer

James Taylor

Proposed by: Helen Paton

Seconded by: Jake Atkinson

  • First year studying French and German.


  • Passionate about the role, would put in a lot of time and effort to improve JCR finances.
  • Spoken to Nadia, feel that it would be more than possible to do.
  • Work at the toastie bar, understand how the JCR finances work on a smaller level, which could easily be scaled up.
  • Work experience with an international accountancy firm in London.
  • Two weeks’ paid job at the same firm.
    • Understanding of role as an auditor (could be applied to societies)
    • Develop grasp of monetary transactions.


  • Aim to decrease cost of all formal and ball tickets.
  • Liaising directly with all societies and sports treasurers to distribute JCR finances effectively.
  • Continue the development of the basement bar area.


Q: If you were a coin what would you be and why?

A: 50p, the design and the number is just grand.


Q: Hardest part for Nadia was the amount of admin work, how would you balance role and studies?

A: Right now have lot of free time, so will have lots of time to do this.


Q: How are you going to re-organise budget for DUCK and FemSoc?

A: Resources should be placed where students want them, so will try to place more money for societies/events that has the highest rate of attendance.

IX. Social Chair(s)

Georgia Hardisty and Henry Meech

Proposed by: Jack Leyland

Seconded by: Jules Mangelaars


  • Experience with organizing entertainment, publicity, food and drink, and decorations for college events.
  • Developed creativity, organization and time management skills all relevant to Social Chair.
  • Organised (Georgia):
    • rides for last year’s Midsummer Ball
    • Prizes for this year’s Masquerade raffle
    • Good at liaising and negotiating with companies.
    • Created last year’s masquerade menu – experience working with Mustafa and the kitchen staff.
    • Worked closely with Luke as Vice Social Chair.
  • Henry:
    • Took every opportunity to be involved with putting on college social events
    • Involved with drama, and rowing.
    • Chaired Masquerade Ball.
      • Booked ents, managed a committee, negotiating with college staff all within budget.
      • Gained a range of contacts within and outside of college – tech company, security staff, crepe man.


  • College bbq, water fight, Mary’s Olympics, outdoor cinema night (will sell picnic blanket with a hamper filled with Pimm’s, sandwiches and biscuits, watch an old-school film) – post-exam period.
  • Create anonymous feedback form for improvements, comments (positive and negative) for each event.
  • Post polls and online surveys to find out what events are most popular.
    • Seriously consider bringing back Informal Ball (first term) – online poll would be useful.
  • Look into corporate sponsorship for college events to bring down ticket prices – have had conversations with Helen (College operations manager) who agreed this is viable.
  • Replace Halloween informal with a Halloween bop (like a school disco with bar open and a few ents) – cheap and very popular at other colleges.
    • Could be made into a charity event – attendees to bring a can of food to be donated.

Summary: both enjoy running college events, take great pride in ensuring their success, very enthusiastic, competent and experienced team.


Katie Rogers

Proposed by: Sophie Gamble

Seconded by: Alex Boyd

  • Second year Geographer.


  • One of the Formal Secretaries this year – part of the organisation of the all formals this year.
    • Developed the stamina and organisational skills to organise high quality events throughout the year.
  • Dedicated member of four ball committees – strong understanding of the organisation of both small and large college events.
  • Worked with Luke on the formals – developed good working relationship which is important as Social Chair works closely with JCR President.


  • Online survey towards the end of this academic year – find out what demand is (eg. Bops/fancy dress informals)
  • Develop college social calendar.
    • A Bop a term, liver’s out priority first term, Valentine’s bop second term, and a bop after exams finish third term.
  • Tech training for all Soc Com exec members – formal set ups would run more smoothly, allow Soc Com to use college tech to a higher standard therefore develop Formals further.
  • Make Soc Com a more accessible society, promote it to new Freshers.
  • Look into alternative sign up systems to ensure fairness – speak to other college Social Chairs, test new systems.
  • Work with college staff and kitchen to develop better food options for people with dietary requirements.
    • Personally gluten and lactose intolerant – annoying to have fruit salad when others are eating chocolate desserts.
  • Increase collaboration with other societies especially SMCAS, set up more joint events (eg. Live lounges or Karaoke) after formals to make the evening bigger.


Q: Since you can’t have all events, what would you priorities?
A (K): Based on online survey – what people want.

A (H+G): Start conversations with college staff early, or work with DUCK to bring charitable element to events.


Q: What would you do to alleviate the pressure of formals being oversubscribed?

A (H+G): Different priorities for each formal, increase the number of formals (especially the first term), implementing maximum number of plus ones.

A (K): Giving certain people priorities, not sure about increasing number of formals in first term, but publicise more.


Q: Time management and working with Luke?

A (K): Delegation, utilise people in the committee, or bring more people in, get more freshers involved which is key.

A (H+G): Only two persons right now who know how to work the sign up system, so everyone in the committee should be able to do that. Worked with Luke this year so should be getting along well.


Q: How would you envisage the relationship with Luke?

A (H+G): Admin stuff would be the Soc Chairs, strategic direction would be Luke’s.

A (K): Luke knows what he’s doing.


Q: What’s been your favourite ball/formal?

A (K): Michaelmas last year.

A (H+G): Michaelmas last year with the Ceilidh (Georgia), and Masquerade this year (Henry).


7. AOB

Appendix A: Motion to ratify SMCWRFC

 This JCR notes:

There is not currently a Women’s Rugby Football Club at Mary’s. This motion notes that due to the 600% increase in female rugby players at Mary’s this year there is a clear need to ratify this club. This club would compete in the intercollegiate women’s rugby league and cup.

This JCR believes:

That as a pioneer of women’s education we should also push for increases in participation in women’s sport. This can be encouraged by splitting from the joint team with St Cuthbert’s Society and University College to form SMCWRFC.

This JCR resolves:

To create SMCWRFC. The club would function as follows:

There will be a president who shall:

  • Oversee the club as a whole
  • Tend to welfare of society members
  • Recruit new members
  • Represent the society in both College and University meetings

There will be a captain who shall:

  • Assist the president
  • Lead the team in game related matters
  • Act as president if the president cannot attend a meeting for whatever reason

There will be a treasurer who shall:

  • Manage funds for the society, including:
    • Subs –
    • JCR grants
    • Pitch fees

Proposed by: Jessie Downing

Seconded by: Ellen Boardman


Appendix B: Motion to ratify Mary’s Archaeology and Anthropology Society (MAAS)

This JCR Notes:

There are a high number of both Archaeology and Anthropology students at Mary’s (both Undergrad and Postgrad), and currently there is no system for communication and interaction within and between years.

This JCR Believes:

The creation of a MAAS will allow for greater communication and involvement between those within the two degree strands as well as anyone else interested in the subjects. It will allow for cross year interaction which is beneficial for social and academic progress. It will also act as a mechanism by which students can share information and be informed of opportunities/past student experiences. This will create a closer knit community than is possible in a university wide society.

This JCR Resolves:

To create ‘Mary’s Archaeology and Anthropology Society’

Proposed by: Charlie McCord

Seconded by: Tullia Fraser