JCR Meeting Minutes 29/04/18

Minuted Agenda for the First JCR meeting of Easter Term 2018. Sunday 29th April, 7pm, Dining Hall

Apologies are to be submitted to Sam, JCR Chair, at jcrapologies@gmail.com before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

1. The minutes of the last meeting

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2. Matters Arising

There are no matters arising.

3. JCR Announcements

Announcements from JCR Officers.

4. Questions of Officers

Questions should be submitted before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

5. Motions

Motions should be submitted by midnight the day before the meeting.

6. Elections, Hustings and Interviews

I. LGBT+ Representative

Anila Iqbal
Proposed by: Myles McKay Seconded by: Katerina Jackson

No hust provided

Ed Ross and Frances Barona Proposed by: William Troy Seconded by: Charlie McCord

Hi I’m Ed and I’m Frances and we would love to be your next LGBT+ reps.
We both love Mary’s and are both extremely passionate about the Durham LGBT+

community, as it has had a massively positive impact on our University experiences thus far and we would love for the same to happen for incoming freshers and current students. We’d like to run through a few of the ideas we have for the role and why we’d be best suited

Firstly, we would like to see more LGBT+ association events throughout the year. Events and announcements via the freshers page and posters around college for LGBT+ history month and Trans awareness week, we think will help to make the LGBT+ presence in Mary’s known and celebrated. We want to strengthen links with the DU Association and associations in other colleges such as Aidan’s where they have a really strong

presence. There are actually many events run by the DU Association which are somewhat unheard of with a good association at Mary’s these events could be well-attended.

They also offer activities which do not involve the pressure of drinking – something many have highlighted about LGBT culture in Durham. Some of the inter-college events we had in mind were movie nights, college swaps, trips to osbournes and with greater cooperation,

Mary’s students would also be able to take advantage of events at other colleges – such as

the Trevs LGBT disco in first term. We would like to plan these especially for first term to give incoming Freshers the best slice of LGBT+ culture that Durham has to offer.

Secondly, we would like to establish better links with WAM to combat LGBT+ welfare related issues together.
We would like for part of consent talks in freshers to address homophobia, LGBT+ harassment on nights out and how individuals can deal with this and active by standing by allies, especially after instances this year with homophobia even from bouncers.

Within WAM campaigns we would like LGBT concerns to be made explicit and visible – for example within the body positivity campaign, we would like to ensure there are specific mentions of issues such as body dysphoria and gender-affirming procedures

We have spoken with Ruth, Head Frep, and if elected we would also like to create an LGBT handbook for the Fresher’s welcome packs, giving information about the Association at

Mary’s and how to join the committee, we feel that this is important, as incoming freshers may feel uncomfortable or ‘outed’ approaching the LGBT+ stand in the freshers fair.
It would also include information that I personally think would have been useful this year

– –

– –

Sexual health information for LGBT students – personal experiences with accessing sexual health information – information about HIV, Hep A vaccines and where to get sexual health supplies

Inclusivity for trans and non-binary students – freshers a time when meeting hundreds of new people – will come across some that use they/them pronouns – unfamiliar to some people – in handbook – a guide to how to appropriately ask what someone’s pronouns are and how to handle accidental misgendering someone in the best way

Information and guidance on coming out

This handbook therefore provides the basics for both LGBT students and allies to go alongside drop-ins

We think we would be good for the role as we have played a prominent role in the community since freshers and will continue to do so next academic year. We feel that we have a thorough understanding about the community and how the association works, having attended multiple DU association meetings and the infamous Monday Osbourne’s. Between us we are able to dedicate double the time and effort to fulfilling this role and we would truly believe we could help make a Mary’s a safer and more inclusive place for LGBT+ students. We hope we have convinced you to vote for us as LGBT+ reps. Thank you!

Questions asked:

How would you incorporate allies within the LGBT+ society at Mary’s?

Ed/Frances: For the role itself, aim to focus in benefiting LGBT+ students, but on the social side of things, allies are encouraged to help push through motions and issues

Anila: Welfare side of the role should be aimed for LGBT+ people, but introduce allied-friendly events to encourage everyone to get involved

In a year’s time, what would you like to look back on to have as your legacy within the LGBT+ Association?

Anila: Hopes for LGBT+ People to be a greater part of general dialogue –for everyone to feel comfortable talking about LGBT+ issues and for more things available to the LGBT+ community

Frances: Hopes for issues facing the LGBT+ Association to be normalized among the whole community.

How would you work with the wider Durham University Network of LGBT Associations?

Ed: Has previous experience of meetings with the DU Association Exec who hope to expand activities and events. These tend not to be well attended – aim to encourage Mary’s students to go to uni-wide events on social media etc.

Anila: Has had a relatively poor experience with DU Association so far – however aim to start with improving Mary’s and build up by increasing advertisement the DU Association (e.g. introduce walkdowns on).

II. Disabilities Representative

Darcey Merison
Proposed by: Kristie Overton Seconded by: Robert Birch

hi! I’m Darcey, I’m a first-year philosopher, and around Mary’s I’ve been involved with music, the panto, disabilities at Mary’s and just recently a post offer visit day rep. At risk of sounding overly smiley and enthusiastic I also have chronic pain in my lower back and my legs!

My disability, and the mental and physical side effects that come with it, are invisible. Because of this, I’m very used to downplaying my pain or try to pretend isn’t there.

Coming to Durham/ Mary’s, I found myself in an environment where people really supported me, and with friends who were really taking care of me.

When I couldn’t sleep because of my back pain I had Mary’s student support offering me a new mattress. When I went to A&E in excruciating pain three times, was put on Valium, and missed some of my first lectures, I had disability support reach out to me and ask if I wanted to meet up and talk about it.

I want to be able to help others in the way that this university and this college has helped me, mentally and physically, and I know I would be a good fit for the job. I’m friendly, very easily approachable, and I’m passionate about the work I’d be doing.

Mostly importantly, I think, is that I really know my stuff and am able to offer clear advice. I’ve dealt with five years of the NHS often being unable to help me, I sat A levels double-dosed on codeine, and I’ve had to ask for help with my mental health because of the anxiety that when I’m in pain, I’m not getting enough done, or I’m not involved enough.

Not only am I well-informed on medical and university procedures but I understand the emotional side and it’s something I’m still going through. I think my work ethic and organisation speaks for itself- I have two jobs outside of my degree as well as trying to be involved in college as much as I can with the pain

I’m in. I’m able to organise and prioritise very well and still take care of myself, which I think is really important.

With regards to the role itself?

As some of you know, the disabilities rep role will be a part of WAM next year, which I’m really pleased about, since disabilities are so obviously linked to mental health and well-being. I want to begin reforming the role immediately and bring it closer to WAM. (Simple as sharing WAM events to disabilities page)

I’ll hold regular informal drop ins throughout the term, so I’m somebody that’s always around for a chat or advice.

I want the Facebook group for disabilities at Mary’s to become more active, particularly during Induction week.

It’s a really key time to let people know I’m here, so I want there to be more information available in that first week- ofc the disability rep is in the handbook but I think a small handout / card with a contact, details of a drop in, a link to a Facebook page and numbers for disability support would be really helpful for freshers who need it.

I hope from what I’ve spoken about today my passion for this role is clear. I love Mary’s and I’m so grateful for the fact that this role even exists.

Prudence Vary
Proposed by: Tullia Fraser Seconded by: Nathan Kelly

Hey, I’m Pru, a second year historian and I’m running to be your disabilities rep. My experience of attempting to juggle my work for my degree and a disability and the impact this can have on mental health, has made me passionate about ensuring others can access support and advice easily. Durham has an excellent system of support for disabled students however often accessing this can be quite daunting, particularly for first years. Whenever I have struggled with work it has been through the encouragement of others that I have had the courage to seek out help and support. I hope that if elected to this position I would be able to provide this support and encouragement that I have been lucky enough to receive.

Firstly a little bit about the experience I have. Before University I held a similar position within my school, helping to improve accessibility. Through my frequent as a stage manager within DST I have developed good communications skills including experience of ensuring people’s concerns are heard and addressed. Having personally used and recommended to others many of the avenues of support available within Durham, I’m knowledgeable about the system and what is available within college, departments and the University. I also have Nightline training meaning I would be able to hold welfare drop ins immediately after taking

up the role. Finally, I’m just really passionate about people being able to enjoy their time at uni.

Secondly, in terms of what I hope to do within the role. Obviously, the role of disability rep is being moved under the WAM umbrella. Individuals with disabilities are often at higher risk of mental illness due to the impacts of disability on day to day living. This means that access to welfare can be incredibly important for disabled students. I would like to use this move to firstly help in making WAM campaigns more accessible. This includes ensuring advice and activities are accessible, but also ensuring that resources are accessible, for example using image descriptions, accessible fonts and formats. Also I would like to work alongside WAM to create a series of resources aimed at helping disabled students, for example showing the varieties of support available, what to do if you think you need to be diagnosed, exam and workload tips and how to ask for help. Also I hope to create a clear drop in schedule at the start of the year, focused around key times such as the start of the year, summatives and the pre-exam period. This will ensure support and advice are available all year round and aids in role accountability.

I also want to ensure that there is adequate support for disabled freshers in college during freshers week. I hope to do this in part by having some of the WAM resources I previously mentioned available at the freshers stall. I also would want to ensure that all freps are informed about disability issues and have simple answers for basic signposting and support.

Overall, I have benefitted massively from the support that has been provided to me during my time in Durham and if elected to this role I would love to make this support more accessible to others.

Questions Asked:

How are you going to integrate the social side of the Disabilities Community within Mary’s?

Prudence: Important to recognise that social events can be difficult to balance with your work and degree – need to work with WAM, and make sure that activities are low-key, relaxing events reserved as time to restore yourself.

Darcey: Aim to hold events in Induction Week so people know the community early on and build up from there

III. Assistant Male WAM Officer

Christopher Phillips
Proposed by: Zach Herbertson Seconded by: Sophie Boddington

Hi everyone! I’m Chris and I’d like to be your Assistant Male WAM Officer next year. So why would I be good for this role?

Well, this year I’ve been part of the WAM committee which has given me experience for how WAM campaigns are organised and run, for example, I helped run the Male and LGBT+ consent days. As well as this I have experience of running welfare campaigns from my time at school in which I was part of the diversity committee who organised and ran campaigns and discussion groups, and also through my role as one of the University’s LGBT+ societies Junior campaign officers.
All of this has given me experience that makes me well placed to help organise and run welfare campaigns next year.

The other vital part of the WAM officer’s role is to hold welfare drop ins every week and to be an approachable character for all students.
I have experience in the kinds of skills that this role requires. Earlier this year I took part in Nightline training where we covered a variety of welfare issues and where we specifically practised welfare drop-in scenarios and covered a wide range of welfare issues which can occur, and also as part of my volunteering with St Johns Ambulance we practise and train to deal with people one on one in a calm and helpful way.

As Assistant Male WAM Officer there are also several things that I would like to focus on and hopefully improve.
Firstly, out of the 50 members of the WAM committee, which organises and runs the campaigns, there were only 11 men on the committee this year. To me this is a real problem with WAM campaigns, because it means that campaigns which represent the welfare issues of all students can have a real lack of male voices and perspectives, which is particularly important on welfare issues like consent and body image where male welfare issues are not necessarily represented as well as they could be. While obviously no one can force anyone to take part in the WAM committee, I do think there are a couple of things we could do to make it more representative. For example, by promoting the committee more strongly in Freshers week, and plausibility we could have more recruitment sessions throughout the year to get people to join the committee, and to represent all students, as I believe this year there was only one session at the start of term. I think if we ran more recruitment sessions either at the end of first term when the freshers are settled in, or at the beginning of second term, we could really improve the male representativeness of the WAM committee.

Secondly, also on the issue of representation, I believe as an LGBT+ student myself and from speaking to others that WAM campaigns could be I lot more inclusive of LGBT+ welfare issues. I know that there was a focus in WAM campaigns to improve that this year, as with the consent campaign, but I believe we could do a lot more on all welfare issues from drugs, mental health, consent, body image and more where the LGBT+ community often has different and quite distinct welfare issues e.g. on issues such as body disphoria. So, with the newly founded St Mary’s LGBT+ Society I believe there is a great opportunity to work closely with them on LGBT+ days in WAM campaigns. For example, one thing WAM did this year that was really useful was holding a discussion group in the WAM consent campaign on these issues. If WAM could work with the LGBT+ society on organising more discussion groups for this next year and in other campaigns e.g. body positivity, as well as helping with posts, events, information and other resources then I think there is a real opportunity to greatly improve WAM campaigns for the better.

Otherwise, I just want to carry on the great work that WAM does throughout the college and help to contribute to make Mary’s a really welcoming and special place. So that’s me and I hope that next year I can be your Assistant Male WAM Officer.

Apostolos Kokoris
Proposed by: Jasmine Twine Seconded by: Jack Franklin

Hi everyone,

My name is Apostolos, I’m a first-year physics student and I’d love to be your Assistant Male WAM Officer next year. Ever since I arrived at Durham I have looked up to the WAM team and the work that they do. From the campaigns that they run to the drop-ins they do I always found myself admiring their work and wanting to get involved.

I am a very outgoing and talkative person with an open accepting yet confident personality. I also have a passion for helping people, for me this as well as my admiration for the work WAM do made me take the initiative to run for the position. I think these personality traits and my passion for helping give me the perfect foundation for the role. I like taking responsibility and have managed various projects at my Highschool in Greece whether that be helping with the organization of our biannual charity bazar or being the first point of contact for students that had any problems relating to school, as the class president. Furthermore, I will be living in college next year placing me in the unique position of being in college for most of the time. This gives me the opportunity to be available to help in any way even at short notice and means there will be another friendly face around college for the freshers especially in the first few weeks.

I am very passionate about WAM and its mission and want to make an impact if I get elected. I would want to push for the creation of an online platform that would allow students that have problems or questions that they absolutely don’t feel comfortable sharing with one of the officers face to face to submit them anonymously online for the team to review and respond to. I would also like to potentially have an additional, more informal drop-in, which would be in the JCR and could have different themes each week; that would act as a conduit to help freshers meet new people. Finally, I want to continue the excellent work that WAM has done with their campaigns and incorporate the general populous’ concerns in those campaigns.

All in all, I am very passionate about WAM and I think that I have a very solid foundation for the role. I would love to have your vote. Thank you.

Questions Asked:

If you could hold a consent workshop on a particular topic, what would that topic be?

Apostolos: Focus on being responsible with alcohol consumption due to the increased freedom of university compared to being at home

Chris: Continue with Consent Workshops introduced this year – aim to introduce more important content e.g.) LGBT+ issues, male consent and male sexual assault

If you were to add a campaign on top of the current WAM campaigns, what would that be on?

Chris: General verbal abuse, e.g. homophobic or sexual – incorporated into active bystander training so people know what to do in such sensitive situations

Apostolos: Sexual Health (mental and physical) – important to educate people and give support and knowledge to people on a topic that many people may not have from home

How would you increase male participation in WAM?

Apostolos: More coverage of the WAM events in induction week and first term so people realise the opportunities, and hold a second recruiting period for people that may not have signed up in induction week.

Chris: Focus on induction week and how beneficial WAM can be in a more holistic way (e.g. for your CV). Furthermore, hold a second recruitment period and work with other associations (e.g. LGBT+) to increase awareness

IV. Assistant Female WAM Officer

Georgia Greenburgh Proposed by: Grace Haynes Seconded by: Joe Witt

Hi guys, my name is Georgia and I am a first year studying Classical Civilisation and I this is why I will be an asset to WAM. I am dedicated, pro-active, creative and passionate about Welfare at Mary’s and would love to be your next, female assistant welfare officer.

I have already shown my dedication to WAM through my organisation and running of a number of events including a yoga and mindfulness session, charity pub quiz and pamper day.

Showing that I have lots of creative and interactive ideas for the campaigns which will help WAM to grow and evolve. This is why it is so important to work closely with the committee, using more regular meetings to ensure that we are focusing on the issues that affect all of us as students.

The campaigns should reflect the increasing size of the WAM committee and by utilising all of the resources available to us we can do that. I would like to work with the DUCK reps at Mary’s to pair up each of the campaigns with a related charity resulting in a wider cause benefits in the long run.

This is a concept I have already started to bring to life in WAM as I helped to raise money for the TIMESUP campaign through a pub quiz.

Creating a more structured approach to campaigns will give them the best chance to be effective, interactive and enjoyable .Introducing charity-based events and ensuring that there are online and physical resources available concerning the topic covered will mean that the campaigns can be as accessible and interactive as possible.

Being a part SEXpression has helped me to see how larger campaigns are run and also taught me a lot about sexual health services in Durham. This experience will be useful in my drop-ins. I know I can use this involvement to help make Mary’s a more sex positive and safe community. It’s important to continue to provide free contraception in the drop-ins as well as information about STI tests and where to access them.

I will make sure that there are options suitable for members of the LGBT+ community. by working closely with the future LGBT rep and I will ensure that issues more relevant to this

community are included in the campaigns and drop ins . This will be especially important when it comes to the consent talks and workshops during Induction since reporting sexual misconduct could force people to come out prematurely. Establishing an anonymous online WAM portal where people can seek advice will allow people to feel comfortable speaking about these issues.

Above all, I want WAM to be able to act as another safe space for members of the community to express their concerns and feel represented on a wider college level.

It is also important for this role to be extra present at the beginning of the year. I want to create the opportunity for incoming Fresher’s to understand what WAM is and the different ways that we, and other welfare channels can support them. Establishing the drop-ins as somewhere safe to come and talk about everything and anything like mental health issues, sex/relationships, uni work or even just a general chat will allow the drop-ins to be really effective.

As I conclude please be assured that I am organised, dedicated and passionate about WAM. I want to do everything possible to ensure that the rest of Mary’s has an overwhelmingly positive view of and experience with WAM.

Thank you for listening and for your support.

Amy Harris
Proposed by: Sam Martin Seconded by: Jules Mangelaars

WAM Hust

  • 1st year studying history
  • Want the role as:
    -Recognise uni life can be hard and present challenges for many therefore need forwelfare
    – Like the inclusivity of student led welfare system- want to contribute

    -Want the opportunity to give to welfare and SS teams which have provided me with so much this year

• Believe I’d do the role justice: -Approachable + Relatable, want to be involved -Work as a mentor for uni- transferable skills

-WAM committee since arriving here- knowledge of committee- strengths/weaknesses

-Led Mental Health Awareness week and 6th form, 2 years running= confident in leading campaigns, want opportunity to do a wider scale campaign at Mary’s

• What do I want to do?
-Make sure WAM maintains its accessibility, inclusivity and presence in college

-Make WAM more accessible to livers out- WAM email, outside of college drop ins

-Liaise with Sports Officer- welfare in sports is important- inclusive and tolerant culture

-More frequent committee meetings- ensure WAM does not become stagnant

-WAM Handbook- to be distributed in freshers’ week, outlining what WAM and SS do, provides clarity

  • As someone who is not very open about my own mental health, welfare is something genuinely important to me, and close to my heart
  • Would love the role and opportunity to make positive contribution to Welfare @ MarysQuestions Asked:

    What was your favourite part of WAM this year, and what would you change?

    Amy: Mental Health campaign was very successful as well as being of particular personal importance. Aim to hold more committee meetings and more campaigns so WAM delivers more consistently throughout the year

    Georgia: Consent campaigns in Freshers week were the highlight– very nice to see the topic being tackled from the outset at university. Hope to make more structured campaigns and charity based events to encourage more people to attend, whilst ensuring there are more online resources (particularly for livers out).

    What experience do you have in running drop-ins/is there anything you would introduce?

    Georgia: Experience as a prefect – a person people comfortable coming to with issues; as a peer mentor at college – working with student for 2 years gives experience with the continuity aspect of welfare; as a volunteer at a women’s hospital – involved training to be able to talk to women with miscarriages/abortions. In general, has experience talking to lots of people about a range of issues

    Amy: As Head girl, held weekly drop-in for bullying etc. similar to a welfare role. Furthermore, utilised welfare drop-ins this year, so has awareness and how they are delivered and how to approach

    How would your separate the role as a welfare officer from advice on a personal level?

    Amy: Refrain from using social media and encourage student to go through proper routes e.g. via email. In general, important to know when to step into and step out of the welfare role

Georgia: Important to offer advice in terms of welfare and as a friend – encourage drop-ins, whilst promoting proper procedures for welfare-sensitive issues, such as advertising the WAM email more

V. Assistant WAM Officer

Naomi Clarke
Proposed by: Sam Martin Seconded by: Phoebe Evans


  • Going to talk slow – So you can understand my accent
  • Naomi Clarke – 1st year studying English – Loved to be your assistantwelfare officer Why Me?
  • The first moment I knew I’d chosen the right college was on fresher’s week during the consent discussion groups = instantly confirmed the Ethos of college for me
  • 1 that prided itself & promotes open discussions about vitally important issues, when a lot of groups shy away from them
  • Having a safe space for students to discussion issues such as consent, mental health, sexuality, gender, body issues – integral part for developing in this age group and during your university education
  • University environment – We’ve all come from such different backgrounds, lifes experiences, countries – opportunity to learn off each other, develop ourselves & our views as individuals
  • Also – Creates safe space to for students to have a first point of contact if they do need help – even if the committee or officers can’t immediately help – They can pass them on – So hopefully people don’t feel isolate & there’s no one there to help them
  • Mary’s welfare committee is incredible in that allows that opportunity – These are ideas I’m such a massive advocate for and why I instantly joined when I arrived and have when quite involved with 3 campaign’s so far
  • Mental health – Organised speakers, I ran the yoga & mindfulness session, dog therapy sessions (which I hope people were a I big fan – If I was to be elected, it’s something I want to introduce a lot more bc there’s great research into pets reducing stress & anxiety – which everyone can do with)
  • Consent – Organised Words of support & positivity banner
  • Body positivity – Organised life drawing sessions, helped with pamper day
  • I’ve also had a lot of experience through life with being in a caring role -I’ve been a carer from a very young age – So looking out for people and

    hopefully being a figure of support – is what I’ve also strived for

  • Volunteered as a councillor at a children’s camp for children from deprivedareas for 4 years – Really taught me the important of just being present for

someone & just simply listening – How catharthetic & necessary that can be

for people

  • You’d also hear sometimes quite harrowing stories – Always be aware ofthe importance of their privacy – & keeping things confidential as much as its safe – Knowing where & when to pass them information if you deem it necessary
  • I’d also hope – I’m quite a people person – People hopefully feel comfortable approaching me & I’m quite a good listen – Also really important for his roleWhat I want to do ?? IDEAS
  • Intro dog petting more
  • As I was saying – The group discussion on topics such as gender, sexuality,consent etc – Trial informal discussion session – Possible once a fortnight –

    Reduce stigma around topics – Allow people to talk openly more

  • I’m exec on Univerity radio station – Working on getting a radio 1 surgeryesque programme – Love to have members from WAM on to discussion

    these topics – Hopefully open out to a wider audience

  • On the wider audience note – Consent campaign – Something reallyimportant to me – And I loved this year but it we could roll it out on a wider

    scale – Possibly get sports teams & others college involved

  • Do more on a whole – Fantastic that Durham does have so many welfareteams – WE could cooridnate with them more
  • Lastly just utilise the facebook page more – promote campaigns but alsohave a clear, concise table of who your contact points for different issues, being personal, education – I think that would be very beneficial for a lot of people if they don’t know who to approach

    Questions Asked:

    What will this new role bring? What will you aim to bring (new) in this new role

    Aim to tackle general genderless issues e.g. integration into university, and exam stress. Help delegate work within male/female roles so the roles can be better balanced alongside your degree.

    How will you deal with the expected larger number of WAM members following the growth this year?

    Having more regular committee meetings so people can play to individual strengths and help the society as a whole e.g. within sports teams/media groups etc. In general, aim to organise collective things for the whole committee – more members can target more people.

VI. Assistant WAM Officer (Livers Out)

Jules Mangelaars Proposed by: Myles McKay Seconded by: Sam Martin

Hi everyone, I’m Jules, a 2nd year law student and I would love to be your next livers out welfare assistant!

Whenever anyone from outside college asks me what Mary’s is like, I always say that we’re an incredibly close knit college, literally like a family. In college you always have all your friends around and there’s a phenomenal group of people there to take care of you- and obviously not all of that changes when you live out- I currently live sandwiched between my two best friends in the world-, but second (and I imagine 3rd ) year are incredibly different. Some things, like learning that you can’t microwave metal cutlery, and that eating pot noodles for 3 weeks straight is not a good idea, you have to learn through trial and error, and others you need a little bit of help with.

If you couldn’t tell by my funny accent, I’ve moved around a lot so I definitely know what needs to go on a moving list. Apart from that, I was a mentor in high school so I’ve learned how to be a listening ear. I’ve also been on the welfare team this year so I understand the structure of the team, the responsibilities, and how their wonderful campaigns work. The head female welfare officer and I are also (almost) joined at the hip so I can happily work closely with her to create a cohesive welfare team.

Having (almost) lived through second year, I have also had many (and I mean many) a meltdown about overflowing bins, unemptied dishwashers, and missing my dog, so believe me when I say that anything you come to me (or any of the welfare team for that matter) about, will be something that we can work through together.

Some ideas for the role that I had were to hold some drop ins on Billy B. I know that that’s quite popular place for livers out to work, so holding drop ins there will hopefully mean that people can just pop in for a quick chat and not feel like they have to go out of their way to go to drop ins.

I also wanted to make a spreadsheet which everyone would be able to download from next years fresher’s page, which would allow houses to allocate who brings what to the house so that you don’t end up with a billion pans and no spoons.

Finally, some of the greatest nights of my life (till now) were the evenings we spent on the front lawn after exams last year, and one of the things that I find the hardest about living out is feeling like you never really see some people anymore, so I would love to organise some more get-togethers, like hanging out at the swan, or mary’s quad, or anywhere really so that we can all stay close and hopefully help fight some of that loneliness you can feel at uni sometimes. Just because you don’t live in anymore doesn’t mean that marys cant still be home!

Thank you so much guys!

Questions Asked:

How would you encourage more older years to be involved in WAM?

Hold drop-ins outside of college so livers out in particular are aware of how they can be involved; and introduce advice posts from 2nd/3rd years for freshers to promote a mentor environment

What would you do to help with external problems of living out e.g. poor landlords?

Hold frequent advice posts on various topics so freshers are aware of the range of issues and how to tackle them.

7. AOB

No other business

Appendix A: Motion to ratify the St. Mary’s Softball Team

Proposer: Fergus Chan Seconder: Daniel Smith

This JCR notes:

That Easter term is the most stressful time for students and, with most university and collegiate level sports teams closing for the exam season, students have fewer ways of de-stressing.

This JCR believes:

That a college softball team, which would compete against other colleges, would be a fun and easy way for Marians to occupy their time productively. Softball is a co-ed sport and very simple to learn and play which makes it open to all JCR members.

This JCR resolves:

To ratify a Softball team, which will run through the Easter term up until the start of exams and continue in the further years.