JCR Meeting Minutes 29/1/17

Minutes from the 1st JCR meeting of Epiphany Term 2017

Sunday 29th January, 7pm, Dining Hall


Apologies are to be submitted to Jack Tellyn, JCR Chair, at JCRapologies@gmail.com or to the Exec Mailbox by the Dining Hall before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.



  1. The minutes of the last meeting

These are available on the JCR Website.


  1. Matters Arising
  • A note from the JCR Chair on the ongoing amendment of the Standing Orders


  1. JCR Announcements

Announcements from JCR officers.


Fashion show – Mima & Emily

  • Mind UK – Thursday event in the JCR. Info and Q&A session about mental health. WAM and Dave Robson will be there.
  • Boxes around college put in questions. Will be talked about during the talk.


  1. Motions


  1. Motion to remove the role of JCR Secretary and incorporate its duties into a new JCR Vice President role. (Appendix A)
  • Motion passed.


  1. Motion to make the role of Livers’ Out Rep an ex-officio position (Appendix B)
  1. Questions of Officers

These should be written down and put in the Exec Mailbox addressed to the JCR Chair by 6pm on the day before the meeting. Questions must be signed, although this does not mean your name will be read out in the meeting if you would like to remain anonymous.


  1. Elections, Hustings and Interviews


  1. Midsummer Ball Chair


Jules Mangelaars

Proposed by: Francesca Walker

Seconded by: Lizzy Robertson


  1. Head Teikyo Rep


Tom Sutton

Proposed by: Karl Williams

Seconded by: Catherine Thompson

  • First year doing Japanese Studies, fluent in Japanese which would be helpful.
  • Volunteer interpreting at Oxford Brookes Univeristy for a Japanese student doing a year abroad during gap year.
  • Work for a small independent Japanese published for a few months.
  • Been involved with Teikyo since coming to Durham – helped manage the book sale at the Teikyo Cultural Festival, and well-acquainted with Teikyo staff.
  • Would aim to introduce more events (so Durham and Teikyo students can get to know each other better). More publicity, so maybe updates via email as not everyone keeps up to date with the changes on the Teikyo board.


Q: Can you say something in Japanese?

A: ‘No’ in Japanese.


III.        Female WAM Officer


Ruth Kaufman Wolfe

Proposed by: Scarlett Payne

Seconded by: Henry Blythe

  • Fresher studying geography.
  • Uni is difficult
  • Want the role
    • Uni is hard and presents challenges
    • Excited mary’s has a student led platform, which prioritises the welfare of individuals and the whole student body. Want to contribute.
  • Be good: I really care about welfare
    • Involved in WAM since she got here.
    • Summer camp – skill is transferable.
  • Main aim is to continue making wam accessible for the student body, and individual students
    • Student body: exam term- facilitate events for stress relief eg. Puppy day, bbq
    • Freshers: ensure they are comfortable.
      • Workshops during fresher’s week. Involved in uni-wide campaign to promote consent. Consent workshop during freshers week.
      • See what is needed: our year housing was an issue. Platform to solve housing issues in first term
    • Individual
      • Drop in (chilled/food/music)

Q: housing?

A: drop in about housing, people can meet other people if they don’t have a house.


Q: which issue would like to develop further and take into next year?

A: consent


Q: what kind of puppies?

A: fluffy ones

Q: standard drop in sweet chocolate?

A: vegetarian option, but maybe a poll each week.


  1. Male WAM Officer


Tom Mason

Proposed by: Jamie Williams

Seconded by: Alex Boyd



  1. Quick introduction
  2. Speak about wam as a role – requires work building a rapport good working relesionship (year 9 thing, experient)
  3. Lack of wam experience and how that’s a good thing – didn’t know what WAM was during freshers so something to be improved on.
  4. Talk about other relevant experience – looked after 30 year 9s.
  5. Idea – campaigns (mental welfare, social health cause not enough for now). Freshers – pizza in the JCR, support when freshers come back drunk. extra event – work with liver out rep, people who have been dropped out of houses extra welfare on them, housing.



Dan Mair

Proposed by: Jason Kwan

Seconded by: Zach Herbertson


  • Inspired by last term’s consent campaign – thought it was really inclusive and non-judgmental, want to be involved.
  • Exec of DU FemSoc, skills and experience are useful for the role.
  • Was very involved with the sexual health campaign.
  • Confident in organizing events and inviting speakers (experience with DU FemSoc and Basement Jazz)

With my proposals, I want to focus on the first couple of weeks of term as that’s the time where we can make the most people settled in and comfortable.
Firstly, making workshops for people who have difficulty with their college or home lives both at the beginning and end of term respectively, with 2nd or 3rd years to give their experience and advice about managing that.
Secondly, further reinforcing the relationship between college parents and kids. Sometimes you don’t meet your parents at all or you meet them once and never get the chance to ask all your questions. Having regular check-ins with kids for the first 2-3 weeks of term just ask if they have any questions or problems, as your more likely to say if you do if you’ve been asked.
Thanks so much for listening and please vote for me!


Rob Wiles

Proposed by: Harry Drummond

Seconded by: Scarlett Payne

Problems with mental health himself, so want to create an environment where people can talk about issues freely. Want to give back.

Create an anonymous forum whereby people can share relatable stories of how they overcame adversity (could be mental health, or even housing problems).

Allow time during drop ins for scheduled appointments, so that people can know that they will have a confidential and safe space.

Run a wide range of events within the college community that will engage with all types of student.

Ensure a proactive approach to tackling issues, targeting sports clubs and societies

Create a publicly accessible calendar that makes everyone aware of upcoming events and campaigns

Assign each corridor a time slot during fresher’s week, so that freshers can come along to the JCR office to be introduced to WAM execs and be made aware of how a drop-in works


Q: juggling WAM and other commitments (clubs etc)?

AR: get everyone involved from the other club

AD: other roles are quite similar in terms of that they’re welfare so will be connected well.

AT: used to juggling time, prioritise WAM.


Q: What would you do to ensure that WAM is current and not stagnate?

AT: getting freshers involved, get them to know what WAM is etc

AD: keeping things relevant in terms of timing, and providing the welfare that you want based on drop ins etc.

AR: when I go for a role it’s bcause I know I can do it well not because of CV.


Q: how would you deal with Welfare in relation to sport and sport culture?

AR: making sure everyone’s comfortable about talking in their team.

AD: make sure team is connected to welfare, people to know directions.

AT: work closely with the team captains, make sure freshers know where to go to if they have any problems.


Q: Other colleges don’t have a specific male/female welfare officers what do you think of this?

AT: think it’s a good idea. Particularly with sexual health questions. Don’t see any reason to change that.

AD: Good idea, it’s better to have someone who know that they will have the same experiences as you do (in terms of gender).

AR: Doesn’t really matter, just make sure that there is a wide range of topics covered.

Q: specific ideas about mental health?

AR: karaoke night to start the conversation.

AD: listening to suggestions, making sure there’s events or campaigns that are reflecting what is happening in college.

AT: getting as many events as possible like the ice skating to raise awareness.



  1. Senior Students’ Union Rep


Helen Paton

Proposed by: Scarlett Payne

Seconded by: Peter Watson



My name is Helen Paton, I’m a first year politics with foundation student and I would love to be your next Student’s Union Rep! And Yes, I’m the storm trooper from Halloween or the girl that is always blogging around college.


I’ve been really enjoying my time in Mary’s so far and I would love to have the chance to represent Mary’s at the Student’s Union.


Since many of you don’t really know what this position means, the aim of the SU REP is to be the direct link between the JCR and the Student’s union, my main responsibilities are going to the assemblies, speaking up for Mary’s, informing everyone about what is happening, inviting everyone who wants to attend and also setting up the university challenge team.


You might be sat there wondering, what is Helen going on about or why would she want to sit at those boring assemblies?


The answer is I would actually enjoy going to those assemblies since I’m very interested in politics and it really shocks me how the students union seems so distant to the colleges and nobody really knows what it does while it’s our main voice as students of this university.


I really want to ensure that the DSU more approachable, open and transparent, I will live stream every assembly on the Mary’s Facebook page as well as saving the videos into a new YouTube channel, so anyone can have a look. I will also be informing everyone about the opportunities that DSU offers and what is discussed in the meetings by creating a news bulletin, which would be available on Mary’s social media and the JCR emails.


It’s all about communication and delivering the message.



Why should you vote for me?


I would love to be involved in Mary’s JCR since I’m really thankful for everyone’s hard work and I’m committed to do my best to represent you all.


On the other hand, by being very involved at the opportunities that Mary’s has on offer, I’ve had to be very organized in order to manage my time correctly. In the past I’ve been very involved in school’s politics by being vice president of the student council where I learned to be very approachable, driven and a great communicator.


Just drop me a message on Facebook or email me if you have any questions or are interested in going to the meetings, I would love to help you out.


Q: How will you stand up for college independence?

A: making more people in college know about what’s going on in the SU.


Q: links with SU opinions?

A: SU should work together to get students to be better represented by the NUS.


  1. JCR President


Luke Wagner

Proposed by: Ellie Ng

Seconded by: Henry Blythe



Hi everyone, I’m Luke, a third year studying English, and I would love to be your JCR President next year. I’ve tried to be as involved in possible in the JCR since I joined Mary’s, and I would love the chance to spend a year fully committing myself to college.


So, why me? As I said, I’ve been involved with the JCR ever since joining Durham. I’ve held exec positions in my first year and third year, and from this I have gained a good understanding of how the JCR runs. I’ve been primarily involved with soc com and arts over the last three years, so I understand various aspects of how the JCR runs – I’ve also made some rare appearances for mixed lacrosse and the all successful darts D team. Having chaired Midsummer in first year and Masquerade in second year, I have developed a good working relationship with college staff, and being Social Chair this year has furthered this. Being Social Chair has also demanded really strong organisation and time management skills; it is one of the most time-consuming roles on the JCR exec, and fulfilling this to the best of my ability alongside a degree has been challenging but rewarding. Over the last year, I changed Informal Ball to a black-tie Winter Ball, which was a huge success, have introduced more formals and an informal to second term, and I am in the process of trying to introduce bops. These have all required me to have regular meetings with college staff and attend calendar meetings; this will help me to hit the ground running next year, should I be elected.


What are my ideas? Esther has done an absolutely phenomenal job thus far this year, and generally I think the JCR does a really good job of ticking over itself. Having said this, there are a few areas where I would like to improve it; a centralised booking system with an online calendar for both JCRs and all music rooms would allow everyone to see when each room is being used, by whom and what for – it would make it simpler for people to book a room, as they will easily be able to see when they are available. Campus card access for the reading room and library is also something I would like to introduce, as when you live out and you come to college to work, it can be really annoying if you can’t get into these rooms if there are no livers in around. I managed to reduce formal prices last year from £8/£10 to £7/£9, but I really want to try and reduce these further; when we are having formals as regularly as we do, this is simply not a sustainable price, so I would look into using JCR funds to subsidise more events. Regarding communications with the JCR, I will continue weekly emails on Mondays, and in these I would advertise my ‘President’s Power Hour’ times; these would be an hour each day when I will definitely be in the JCR office for anyone to pop in, whether it’s to ask questions about the JCR, for a chat about any problems, or literally anything. I also want to relaunch the JCR Snapchat – this was used a lot in my first year, and is a good way to just remind people of things like formal payment deadlines without constantly spamming the freshers’ page. Finally, I want to introduce more training for certain exec members. For example, I think the incoming Arts President, Social Chair, and Senior Tech Officer should all have comprehensive tech training, along with any members of the tech committee who might be interested. I also think the President and Vice President should be fully Nightline and first aid trained, so that if anything were to go wrong in college, at any time of the day, there will always be someone around to try and sort out the issue.


I’ve really loved being involved with the JCR here at Mary’s, and I really wouldn’t be putting myself forward for this if I didn’t think that I were the best person for the job, and that I would just really enjoy it to be honest. That’s pretty much everything – thanks for listening!


Q: What do you think will be your biggest challenge in this role?

A: delegating tasks to people.

Q: In this role you will have to juggle a large number of different areas: 1. University – big estate masterplan which will be impacting students. 2. As well as having day to day admin with college. How do you expect to be able to balance this?

A: be a friendly face around college, generally good at recognizing at prioritizing and looking at timetable is that day. Shifting things around during the day.

Q: will the campus card be an addition to the key?

A: will have to be a conversation, but can’t promise anything.

Q: which area will you cut funding from to make formals cheaper?

A: JCR is quite minted, so using the money we already have, instead of levies.

Q: How would you avoid doing a Hild Bede (spent too much)?

A: by not being an idiot and being sensible.


  1. AOB




Appendix A: Motion to remove the role of JCR Secretary and incorporate its duties into a new JCR Vice President role

This JCR Notes:

That at present, neither the JCR Secretary or Vice President have adequate duties to justify their inclusion on the core exec of the JCR.


This JCR Believes:

That the resources and effort of the exec would be better focused if the two roles could be consolidated into a single position.


This JCR Resolves:

To remove the role of JCR Secretary from the Standing Orders and edit the role of JCR Vice President to read:

There shall be a Vice President who shall;

  • Assist and deputise for the President whenever necessary and work with the President in promoting the interests of all JCR activities.
  • Live in college accommodation as the required second exec member on site.
  • Update the Standing Orders when required by a motion passed by the JCR and be responsible for making copies of the JCR Standing Orders available to all members of SMC.
  • Take minutes of all JCR Meetings, appropriate Executive Committee Meetings, JCR Committee meetings. These must be made available upon request by any member of the JCR.
  • Be responsible for recruiting a number of tour guides on behalf of the JCR.
  • Be responsible for the organisation of JCR Room Bookings.
  • Be responsible for the organisation of the Michaelmas Dinner.
  • Have an advisory role on the Mary’s Day Committee.
  • Assist with interviews for JCR roles where required by the Standing Orders.
  • Organizing a returners room ballot where older years who are living back in college select their rooms for the next academic year.
  • When on the guest list for a formal, the VP is responsible for fetching the Senior Common Room (if the VP is not present, this job will be filled by a present member of the exec).
  • Meet fortnightly (except during exams) with The Domestic Services Manager.
  • Chair the Food and House Committee.
  • Represent the JCR community alongside the JCR President at college meetings when required. These include;
    • Health and Safety
    • Environment
    • College Council
    • Calendar meetings
    • Student Development and Employment Group.

Proposed by: Esther Scriven

Seconded by: Ramya BT









Appendix B: Motion to make the role of Livers’ Out Rep and ex-officio position

This JCR Notes:

That the duties of the Livers’ Out Rep are somewhat limited and that there exists some degree of crossover with the other roles on the core exec, particularly the JCR President.


This JCR Believes:

That the role of Livers’ Out Rep is more in line with the other minority representatives (which are ex-officio positions rather than core exec roles).


This JCR Resolves:

To remove the role of Livers’ Out rep from the core exec and make it an ex-officio position instead.


Proposed by: Hannah Arnold

Seconded by: Esther Scriven