Arts at Mary’s

Mary’s is proud to be the home of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive Arts Community. Stretching from Dance and Drama, to Music and Fine Art, we provide the opportunity for our students to explore and enjoy a wealth of disciplines! With so many societies and fantastic events being held across the year, the Arts have become firmly integrated into college life and there are plenty of opportunities to either continue to do something that you love, or, try your hand at something new!

Perhaps our most highly anticipated event is the annual Masquerade Ball. Each year, a theme for our ball is carefully selected to inspire a unique menu, hand crafted decorations and of course, wonderful entertainment. Whilst we take this opportunity to welcome talented performers from across the university, Masquerade Ball acts as a brilliant, large scale performance opportunity for our individual Arts Societies and in doing so, allows everyone the chance to truly appreciate and admire their work.

Foot of the Hill Theatre Company stands as our hub for all things drama related. We aim to put on a production each term and this comprises of the Christmas Pantomime, a play in second term, and, once exams have passed, there is the opportunity for our students to truly throw themselves into the Summer Musical. Whether you feel that “all the world’s a stage” or perhaps, that you would flourish a little further away from the limelight- we value any skill that any person can bring to our team. We are particularly excited to meet anyone who would be keen to bring new ideas for set design, along with those who might find their calling at the lighting desk or maybe even in the Director’s chair… To join or, not to join? There is of course no question, and we will certainly look forward to another year building lasting memories within an ever evolving drama community at Mary’s.

Mary’s also boasts a fantastic Dance Society which is open to all students regardless of experience! We hold classes which cover many different styles and also hold body conditioning and yoga/pilates sessions which are perfect for those who are looking for a fun new way to boost their fitness! As well as continuing to offer a plenty of performance opportunities, the goal for the society this year is to build on the amazing work of Mary’s dancers last year in continuing to create a pressure free environment which allows everyone to enjoy and experience dance!

For those who are interested in art in the more classic sense, our Fine Arts & Crafts Society is dedicated to celebrating visual arts in Mary’s! Whether you are a complete beginner or a proficient artist, Fine Arts and Crafts Society is able to accommodate people at all skill levels. We hold free weekly sessions and also host a visual arts competition, and, lovely exhibition later in the year.

Lastly, Mary’s music scene is one that has become an integral part of the College’s identity – whatever you want to do, we can make it happen for you. From Marys Mixed Voices and Chapel Choir for singers, to Basement Jazz for Durham’s finest jazz players: we really do have something for everyone – but it doesn’t stop there. This year will see the addition of more vocal groups and the chance for instrumentalists of all calibres to show off their talents, be it through the new buddy system that we’re implementing, the smaller amateur and advanced groups we’re pushing for, or through the plethora of Live Lounges, concerts and festivals that we will be hosting! This is our first year with a dedicated Music Rep, and now more than ever, we are ready and rearing to get Mary’s Music out there!

If you have questions feel free to email the Arts President, Katie Booth (