The Collegiate System

Durham University in based on a collegiate system. This means that there are 16 distinct colleges in the University, all of which vary in terms of character, people and facilities. The system allows you to meet like-minded people and to provide a University experience that is unique to you.

Each college has its own college staff, JCR committee and sports clubs and societies, and is your home during first year and the years you choose to live in college. During your time at your college you can represent sports teams and societies and compete against other colleges. Once graduated every college has alumni and hold events in which current and past students can mix.

The teaching at Durham University doesn’t take place in colleges like at other universities but is based in you department, meaning that there is a mix of subjects and interests and that in your lectures you get the chance to meet people from different colleges.

St Mary’s is one of the eight colleges that are based on the hill. It is a traditional college that provides fantastic facilities. It has both an amazing environment and atmosphere that provide perfect conditions for living, socialising and working.