An introduction from your Societies Officer – Havi Thakral

Hi Marians! My name is Havi, I am a 3rd year Geographer, and your Societies Officer for 2018/19! My job is to keep you all updated with current and upcoming news regarding all society-related activities at Mary’s. I also help in the setting up and ratification of new societies, so if you have an idea for one which you feel the college would benefit from, and would like to pursue it, just let me know and we’ll make sure to get it up and running together! Getting involved in societies is one of the best ways of meeting new people in college, and an extra perk is that you get to meet people with similar interests, and socialise while doing something you enjoy as well! So be on the lookout for updates on the notice boards in college, as well as on the Experience Mary’s Facebook Page, to see how you can get involved! Experience Mary’s is also the place where I will conduct and publish interviews with different societies in Mary’s on a regular basis, making it easily accessible for you all to see if there is anything that would interest you.

Here’s the link to Experience Mary’s:

If you have any questions whatsoever, just drop me an email on or contact one of the Society Presidents below.

The rest of the page is in the midst of being updated. Below is the content for 2017/18.

Basement Jazz (within SMCAS)

President: Jack Dobson (

Basement Jazz is one of Durham’s most popular jazz bands. With a repertoire ranging from soul to jazz to pop, we play at some of Durham’s most exciting events, including Balls, College Days and regular performances at Fabio’s Bar. The band’s reputation has grown substantially around Durham over several years and many students have been eager to join, although preference has always been given to Mary’s students. Look out for our stand and come and meet us at the Mary’s Fresher’s Fair! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with Jack, our President, at

Beekeeping Society

Rachel Goodband (

Sarah Goodband (

We are a student led group of beekeepers who maintain an apiary at St Mary’s college. We currently have 3 colonies of bees and will have meetings throughout the year. In summer term we usually meet on Wednesday or Thursday lunchtimes to do practical beekeeping at the hives. In autumn and spring term we run theory sessions on Tuesday evenings which cover beekeeping basics, kit building for the coming year and many of the fun things that you can do with wax and honey (social baking ect) . We are always keen to invite new members to try this unique hobby, so drop us a message if you’d like to come along. 

Chapel Choir (within SMCAS)

President: Hugo Jennings (

St Mary’s College Chapel sings fortnightly services in the College Chapel, usually Choral Evensong, but with one Sung Eucharist every term. Throughout the year there are additional services, including the College Carol Service which will be in St Oswald’s Church this year, and we go on tour at the end of the year, more recently going to places like Prague and Vienna. We audition in October for paid choral scholar positions, but the rest of the choir is welcome to sing on a non-auditioned basis. The choir is currently accepting applications for an Assistant Director of Music, and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in applying for this post or for the choral scholarships.

Christian Union (CU)

Oliver Page ( and Beth Hampshire (

We are a group of Christians who meet weekly to encourage one another to grow in faith through Bible studies, prayer and worship. We also aim to share the love of Jesus with everyone in college, so run events (from picnics to question panels) to give every student the chance to hear what we believe. Whether you’re a committed Christian or you just want to find out more, you are very welcome to come along to Mary’s CU. If you are interested or have any questions, come and meet us at the College Freshers’ Fair or you’re very welcome to email us, we’d love the hear from you!

Environment Society

James Allan (

Feminist Society

Maryam Pasha ( and Ellie Haigh (

St Mary’s College Feminist Society was created in 2014 and meets every week. During our weekly meetings we have topical discussions, guest speakers and workshops. In the past this has included working in conjunction with Mary’s student Sugandha Yadiv’s White Shadows charity, Mary’s LGBT+ reps and It Happens Here Durham. We’ve had talks from local charities, a consent workshop and discussions led by members of FemSoc. Recent topics have included Gendered Advertising, Trans (Mis)representation, Intersectionality, and Unconscious Bias. We work alongside other College Femsocs as well as fundraising for our chosen charities. Most meetings are pretty informal so feel free to drop in! If you want any more information please email me!

St. Mary’s College Arts Society (SMCAS)

President: Nuriya Shoro (

Foot of the Hill Drama Society (within SMCAS)

Stacey Cockram ( and Hannah Ambrose (

Foot of the Hill Theatre Company takes care of everything drama related at Mary’s. We aim to put a production on each term, usually comprising of a Christmas pantomime, a play in second term, and finally, after all exams are over, we have a summer musical. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, so whether or not you think “all the world’s a stage”, there is a spot for you in Mary’s Drama and we value any skill you can bring to the team. Whether you find your niche centre stage, at the lighting desk, in the director’s chair or even helping to design/paint props, drama is an unrivalled way to meet tonnes of new friends and have countless, unforgettable experiences and memories. To join, or not to join…there is no question (but feel free to contact us if you want to find out more)!

Journalism Society

Susie Bradley (

The St Mary’s College Journalists’ Society was formed as a coalition of Mary’s students – both returners and those graduating – who had an interest in working in different aspects of the field. We write articles on all things Mary’s for past, current and future Mary’s students. Everything is published on our blog: You can look forward to talks by alumni, writing about Mary’s, career events, and much more – so get involved!

Random Act of Kindness Society

Jonathan Wong (

Pub Quiz Society

Helen Paton (

Mario Kart Society

Georgia Greenburgh (

Karaoke Society

Robert Birch (

Here at Karaoke Soc we are all about one thing: putting on and running great Karaoke events in college. Over the past year, there have been many memorable nights facilitated by Karaoke Soc, from during freshers to after formals, from having a specific theme to being open to (pretty much) any song anyone wants to perform. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, and no experience of karaoke is required; whether you are a born performer or just willing to help out with tech, this is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable societies at Mary’s to be a part of.

Mary’s Dance (within SMCAS)

Stacey Cockram ( and Ellie James (

Mary’s Desi Society

Vankshita Mishra (

Mary’s International Committee

Suhasini Vira (

The International Committee celebrates international diversity and culture at Mary’s and at Durham. We aim to foster an inclusive and globally-aware environment at college. In the past, the committee has organised events such as the ‘International Food Fair’, ‘International Movie Night’ and ‘Dumpling-Making Session’. This year, we’re planning on celebrating even more festivals and cultures by organising a Diwali-themed formal, an International Week, and many other events. We will also collaborate with other international committees across the university and promote international events being hosted by other colleges and societies at Durham. Another important role of the committee is to provide support to international students throughout the year and to listen to their concerns about issues ranging from home sickness to administrative doubts.

This is a super inclusive, open and interactive society, where everyone has a say. It’s open to local, international, Erasmus and Teikyo students alike! Do get in touch if you have any doubts.

Mary’s Mixed Voices (MMV) (within SMCAS)

Isabel Dungworth (

Mary’s Mixed Voices is a relaxed and friendly choir that sings a variety of music from musicals to pop, and we welcome singers of all levels to come and join us. We rehearse weekly and perform at the termly Mary’s arts concerts and at Mary’s day, and two years ago,  we were very happy to be asked to sing at the champagne reception at the Masquerade Ball in Epiphany term.

St Mary’s Undergraduate Geography Society (SMUGS)

Contact Havi (

Communities Committee

Joe Witt (

Communities committee (CommComm) is a society which allows Mary’s students to get involved and help out in the local Durham area through volunteering schemes. The society works closely with SCA Durham (Student Community Action) to help find the perfect placement for you and your interests. There is such a variety of opportunities and placements that there will be one that interests you. At Mary’s we try to facilitate these schemes and encourage more students to get involved. We also organise some of our own events, for example spending time and playing games with visually impaired individuals or visiting a care home. Ultimately, we are happy to tailor what we focus on depending on what interests you the most so if you are interested or have any questions feel free to email me at!

Welfare Committee

Francesca Walker ( and Charlie Gerlack (

Social Committee

Charlotte Delaforce ( and Camille Levron (

DUCK Committee

Elisa Benham ( and Katie Keane (

Tech Committee

Ben Archer (