The Junior Common Room refers to the student body at St Mary’s of which all undergraduates studying here become members, including yourselves.

We meet several times a term in JCR Meetings, which are compulsory for all first years who live in college. At these meetings, decisions are made which affect the direction the JCR moves in, and new members of the JCR Executive Committee are elected. Gowns must be worn for all JCR Meetings.

We also have rooms in college known as JCRs: one in Fergusson (the West JCR) and one in Williamson, which are used for relaxing, gathering and watching TV etc.

The committee members can be divided into both Exec and Ex-Officio members. These are people you will come to know well. as they each head up a different area of college (e.g. the Arts President oversees all arts societies and arts-related events within college). Some of them will be around in Induction Week, so say hi to them and feel free to ask any questions about their role!