Clubs and Societies


10997185_442086012608468_2218677354673652977_oThere is a huge number of clubs, sports teams and societies to join once you get to Mary’s and within the University.

In Induction Week we hold the College Freshers’ Fair – this is where you can talk to presidents of societies, sports team captains and heads of committees.

You can sign up to mailing lists with no obligation to join, you can put your name down for an interview to be on a committee you might be interested in, or you can just find out some more about the plethora of options available to you at Mary’s! Most of the sports clubs have their own independent webpages that they update regularly, containing information about fixtures and events within the club. Follow @sportsmarys for updates on all sports teams.

There is no commitment involved so we would recommend signing up to anything that slightly interests you.