DUCK stands for Durham University Charity’s Committee. There is both a University committee and a St Mary’s one and your college reps are the link between the two.

Cerys and Jordan (who are introduced on the Ex-Officio page) are your Senior DUCK Reps for 2017/18! DUCK at Mary’s is all about raising as much money for our college charities as possible! Marians get to nominate charities they would like to raise money for and then these suggestions are put to a vote that all college members get to participate in early in the first term.

DUCK is a huge part of Durham University, and here at Mary’s, and it is so easy to get involved. Mary’s has a DUCK college exec, that Cerys and Jordan will be looking for freshers to join, to help create and co-ordinate college events! Some events the college execs have planned in previous years include: a Christmas fair, a DUCK dare night, a stash and dash bar crawl, selling roses for Valentines day, scavenger hunts and lots of bake sales! Mary’s DUCK has its own formal every year, planned and organised by the exec, which alternates between a Valentine’s day themed formal and Awkward formal (the latter involves paying money to move pairs of people around the table!). Mary’s also has its own DUCK toastie and bar drink that the exec will help to create!

Last year, Mary’s DUCK introduced the TRI-48, which was a 48 hour triathlon featuring teams of Mary’s athletes. It consisted of:

  • 12 hour swim at Freemans’ Quay Leisure Centre
  • 12 hour cycle in Mary’s basement
  • 24 hour run at Durham City Rugby Club, ending with Durham City Parkrun at Maiden Castle

This was the largest event Mary’s DUCK has ever hosted, raised over £2000 in support of Walking with the Wounded and Young Minds, and we hope that it will continue well into the future!

Being on the exec involves a weekly meeting to brainstorm, plan and organise charity events in college and is a really fun society to be part of! We will be at the college fair during induction week if you have any DUCK related questions, fundraising ideas or wish to nominate a charity! Information about applying to be on the exec will also be released in induction week!

DUCK love,

Cerys and Jordan.


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More information about the university wide DUCK events such as the Santa fun run, Jailbreak and Summer expeditions abroad, can be found at

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