DUCK is the Durham University Charities Kommittee, and through it, students raise hundreds of thousands of pounds every year to support local, national and international charities. Fundraisers are run through the university DUCK groups, and each college has its own DUCK committee. St Mary’s DUCK is run by Senior DUCK representatives: Katie Keane and Elisa Benham for 2018/19.
Mary’s DUCK aims to raise as much money as possible for various charities, so the role of the senior DUCK reps is to facilitate the organisation of numerous fundraisers. Marians get to nominate charities they would like to raise money for, and early in first term, every suggestion received is put into an open vote that all college members can participate in, meaning that a range of different organisations are supported.
There are loads of ways in which you can get involved in Mary’s DUCK. Early in Michaelmas term, Marians can apply to become committee members, filling a variety of exec roles to help organise and run events throughout the year. Being on the exec involves a weekly meeting to brainstorm, plan, and organise charity events in college and is a really fun society to be part of. New ideas for events and fundraisers are always welcome so that the year is full of exciting events.
Some of our past events have included a wine and cheese night and a fun charity informal which was Disney themed last year. In summer term, Mary’s DUCK proudly organises the only college triathlon in Durham: Tri48, where Mary’s students compete in teams to gain the most distance swimming, cycling and running over 48 hours. Last year, over £3,500 was raised for the local charity ‘Heel and Toe’, and every year Mary’s DUCK aspires to raise even more! We will be looking for even more students to help run Tri-48 and of course make up our teams of athletes which we will send emails out about before Easter. Some additional fundraising ideas for the upcoming year include a Great Mary’s Bakeoff, sponsored hike, movie nights, and Valentine’s Grams.
We will be at the college fair during induction week if you have any DUCK related questions, fundraising ideas or wish to nominate a charity. Information about applying to be on the exec will also be released in induction week, but in the meantime, feel free to send either Katie or Elisa an email if you have any questions 🙂


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