Packed Lunch Sign-Up

The options for packed lunches are as follows:

Sandwich Fillings  Monday  Tuesday     Wednesday  Thursday     Friday  Saturday
 Option 1
Sandwich / Wrap
Egg mayonnaise Halloumi, basil pesto & sun blush tomatoes
Egg watercress tomato & mayonnaise
Brie & onion chutney Cheese and tomato Spicy bean, red onion & monteray jack wrap

Egg and Tomato

 Option 2
Salad Box
Oriental noodle salad box with falafel
Med pasta salad with char grill veg & hummus
Quinoa salad with fetta cheese & olives
Moroccan spiced falafel & fusilli pasta salad
Spanish rice salad with onion bhaji
Jerk corn salad with hummus Salad box with cheese
 Option 3

Salad Box

Oriental noodle salad box with chicken
Med pasta salad with ham
Chicken tikka salad box
Prosciutto, tomato with fusilli pasta
Spanish rice with tuna
Jerk corn salad with chicken Salad box with ham
 Option 4

Sandwich / Wrap

Tuna mayonnaise Roast turkey
Pastrami, emmental, Pickled Gherkin & dijon mustard
Hoisin duck wrap
Ham, emmental & mustard
Mediterranean tuna Tuna Mayonnaise


…and here’s a link to the form.

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