This page is in the midst of being updated. Below is the content for 2017/18.

Kristie (LGBT+ Representative)

Hi everyone, welcome to Durham and particularly to St Mary’s. My name is Kristie and I am the college LGBT+ Rep this year! You’ve already met me on the Ex-Officio page of the website, but here are a few more details about LGBT+ at Mary’s. My role is to provide a safe and enjoyable platform for LGBT+ students at Mary’s to socialise, discuss issues, get connected, and to gain any welfare support.
Amongst various structures in place our main form of communication will be via the two St Mary’s LGBT+ Facebook groups, one of which is anonymous Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 17.37.51and the other a more public discussion group. These pages will not only be a platform for organising socials and getting connected with other colleges but also a welfare tool, where people are free to discuss any topics/issues and provide advice. Any other welfare developments which may be occurring, such as specific LGBT+ welfare drop-ins or events will also be publicised on these pages. I will begin welfare drop-ins formally in the Epiphany term, which can organised either via email or through facebook, however in the meantime feel free to contact me or speak to me around college for any welfare needs! Both these drop-ins and contacting me on an informal level should be seen as an opportunity for you to discuss anything that’s on your mind in complete confidence.
Though the LGBT+ scene here at Durham is smaller than that of most universities, there is a lot to get involved in outside of college! For example, there is now a pride café on a Saturday, alongside attending Monday nights at Osbourne’s, which have become a popular weekly meeting spot for the LGBT community in Durham! This year I am hoping to get Mary’s more involved in attending these LGBT events in bigger groups, to ensure that anyone who would like to go has the company they need! I am also hoping to begin to lay the foundations for a properly running LGBT+ society in Marys, and in doing so seek to integrate more with other colleges, whose LGBT+ representation may also be smaller, to have some fun mixed events! The university also has its own LGBT+ association, which leads university-led events, provides welfare support to LGBT+ students alongside organising fund-raisers, awareness campaigns, socials, discussions, forums, and much more. Information about this uni-wide association may easily be found online or on facebook, and a great deal of information can of course be gained at events such as the Fresher’s fair!
University is known for being a crucial time in life where we as young people get to explore and learn about ourselves, with sexuality being a key part of this, so my role, alongside the other college reps is to play our part in ensuring Durham is a safe and comfortable place in which to do so! This means that from when you are first settling in, to the very end of the year, you should feel free to contact me about anything at all, either by emailing me at: or over Facebook! I can’t wait to meet you all!