St Mary’s offers a unique and inclusive college experience to mature students that can only be provided by a smaller college.┬áIn St Mary’s College, mature students, and postgraduates, combine to form the Middle Common Room (MCR), a vigorous community independent of the Junior Common Room (JCR). This is advantageous to postgraduate and mature students, since all students are also members of the relaxed JCR community, meaning graduate members can enjoy the full spectrum of college student facilities, social events and sporting activities.


St Mary’s College believes that mature students of all ages are entitled to expect the same support and educational benefit as younger students at Durham and recognises that their individual needs may be different.The excellent pastoral network within the College provides invaluable support to mature students who might, for example, be entering the academic world after a long break from education or who are juggling a family with reading for a degree. There are ample opportunities to meet and socialise with St Mary’s College members of all ages. Mature students can choose whether or not to be resident in college during their first year and subsequent years of their degree.