St Mary’s College Seminar Series

The St Mary’s College Seminar Series (SMSS) is an interdisciplinary forum for academic staff and postgraduate research students at St Mary’s College. It provides an opportunity for members of the College community to meet outside normal departmental or subject-based groups and to hear something about research in other fields. It also enables members of the College community to invite external speakers to contribute to the research environment at the College.

If you want to rehearse a potential conference paper, practise presentation skills in a relaxed and friendly environment, or simply enjoy introducing your research and ideas to audiences from various disciplines, this is your chance.


SMSS will:

  • Showcase St Mary’s research, including that of members of the Middle and Senior Common Rooms
  • Encourage creative dialogue across disciplines among members of St Mary’s College and beyond
  • Foster links between St Mary’s and the external research community
  • Enhance St Mary’s postgraduate research students’ presentation, networking and research skills


There will be one Seminar each term. Seminars will be a mixture of presentations from St Mary’s members and, on occasion, invited guests. Typically, seminars will include three or four 15-minute presentations grouped around a theme to prompt discussion. We intend the events to be interdisciplinary, wide-ranging and thought-provoking.  After each seminar, there will be a High Table dinner into which members of the College and their guests can book. Speakers will be invited to the dinner free of charge in recognition of their input to the seminar series.

If you want to know more about the St Mary’s Seminar Series or suggest any ideas for future themes, please do feel free to get in touch with Sabrina Seel (