What is the MCR?

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the entire body of students currently enrolled at College, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The JCR is coordinated by an elected student executive committee and a sabbatical President. The primary functions of the JCR include: to coordinate student representation within the College and to the University; organise large scale cultural and social activities; manage the bar, shop, toastie bar, gym and social spaces; provide student welfare and information provisions; and to oversee all of St Mary’s various sports teams, performing arts groups and societies.

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is a smaller body consisting of just the postgraduates, fourth year undergraduates and mature students (defined by the University as being 21 or over at the point of enrolment). All MCR members are also JCR members; however the MCR is an independent common room in its own right and has its own representation on College governance and postgraduate representation to the Uni. The MCR is led by a volunteer President and executive committee who are all current students. Membership of the common rooms is charged as a single payment of £30, which covers both JCR and MCR fees. We provide a range of services and put on social and academic events throughout the year. The exec will be your first point of contact for anything! Check out the MCR Handbook, follow us on Twitter (@StMarysMCR) and join the Facebook Group to keep updated on all our events throughout the year.