Meet the Welfare Officers

Meet your Welfare Officers…



Hey All! My name is Max Tindall-Jones and I am your Male Welfare Officer for this new academic year. I am currently in my 3rd and final year as an Applied Psychology student, and trust me, university will fly by for you as it has done for me! As your welfare officers, Jess and I are here to help and support you with any problems you might be having during your time here, from work stress to home sickness. Throughout the year, we will be organising several campaigns to shine lights over concerns that cancrop up in student life, as well as raise awareness of mental health issues that are prominent in adolescence, so keep an eye out! This blog is for all of you, and so if you want to share a story, voice a worry or just give encouragement to your peers please don’t hesitate to email me or Jess.




Hi all! I am Jess, the female part of the duo of Welfare Officers in the John Snow College JCR. I am completing my third and final year of my Primary Education degree which gives all you incoming freshers hope because if I can do this degree thing then so can you. You’re probably wondering what Welfare Officers are? Well, Max and myself will be around throughout your first year to make sure you feel welcome and happy to be part of the John Snow College community. University is a giant step in life; however, as your Welfare Officers we will always be around if you need help or just chat about any problems or concerns with college life. Keep your eye out for Max and I completing welfare campaigns throughput your first year to draw some awareness for issues that could affect you or your peers at University. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either me or Max. Welcome to John Snow College!