JCR Branding

Please follow these guidelines in order to help us maintain consistency in the image of John Snow JCR. This page should be refereed to by all our Sports Captains, Society Presidents, JCR Officers and member of committees or promotional teams.


Colour Palate

The following specifics are prescribed by Durham University as guidelines. Colours are quoted using the Pantone Matching System. When ordering any promotional material or clothing please match as closley as possible. Where appropriate the pantone numbers can be quoted to external companies.

Durham University PurpleDurham University Purple: 255 C

John Snow College BlueJohn Snow College Blue: 2955 C

Text BlackText Black: Black C



The JCR does not have a motto or words. You may wish to use the college motto however. Avoid placing these words near the JCR logo. If in latin, the motto is ideally itialicised.

When promoting events, please reference if they are provided by John Snow JCR. JCR events should be advertised as such, do not refer to John Snow JCR as John Snow College.

Reference to John Snow College should only be made when events are organised in conjunction with the College and college staff such as in the case of college formals.

Please make sure to capitalise John Snow JCR as done so here.

Queen’s Campus is correctly capitalised and apostrophised as shown.

Please also take consideration with apostrophe use when refering to freshers.

fresher is a single first year student, freshers are multiple first year students. Something which is a fresher’s belongs to one first year student and something which is the freshers’belongs to multiple first year students e.g. Freshers’ Week.

When advertising the association between any JCR event or service and the JCR it is recommended to use a variation of the following: provided by John Snow JCR, provided free by John Snow JCR, provided to members of John Snow JCR, provided free for members of John Snow JCR.

Titles and headings are typed in serif font with an elongated J. For reference, this typeface is Baskerville.


Below are a series of versions of the John Snow College logo to be used on all communications such as posters and booklets. When ordering stash or kits, the logo used should be as close to those shown below as is possible. Do not adorn the logo with additional embellishments.

One line text

Two line text


John Snow College MAST (1)


John Snow College MASTER (1)

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