Men’s Football


Captain: Walla Mohammed-Ali (

Men’s football within Snow College has long been a popular sport amongst its students and as the years pass the college continues to improve its status within the Durham collegiate leagues.

Boasting three  squads in three different internal leagues (the A team proudly in the Premier division, the B’s proudly in the 1st and the C’s now in the 3rd after a very successful promotion last year), Snow football offers the perfect setting for any keen footballer regardless of their level of previous experience. Training twice a week and with matches usually taking place at weekends, the club offers a whole host of benefits including personal fitness improvement, good old fashioned competitiveness with other colleges and of course (and what many would argue the most important factor) a great way to meet and make friends with not only those within Snow College but also with those from the other Durham Colleges.


The current squad we have here is made up of some of the best and most welcoming individuals Durham has to offer and not one student past or present would deny that their time spent within John Snow FC has been an unforgettable experience which has wholly improved their university life.