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Welcome to DUSA!

We're Durham University's caving club. We go down caves and occasionally mines. We've got a huge variety of trips and get to explore some of the most incredible places in the country. Your first day trip comes free with membership - sign up here!

We welcome new members of all abilities - whether you’re completely new to the sport or a celebrated Speleohero. The club provides all caving equipment and will train you how to use it. There's also plenty of opportunity to get involved on the exec or lead trips.

Find us on Facebook (we have a page and a group) or Instagram @dusa_caving

Caving Links

The Vic

DUSA heads to The Victoria Inn every Tuesday night (9pmish), come and join us!

We also like bar crawls and other socials eg. ice skating/curry night.


Training is off Silverlink Bridge in Durham on Wednesdays.

We practise/teach the rope techniques that you need for most caves. Get in touch for more info!

Kit List

On every caving trip you will need:

  • Clothes for the cave - these need to be warm and synthetic i.e. NO cotton or jeans. Ideally wear fleeces, thermals, leggings, walking trousers etc., something you won't mind getting ruined
  • Wellies - we might be able to lend some
  • Spare clothes to wear afterwards
  • High-sugar snack e.g. a mars bar
  • (Optional) Gloves
  • (Optional) Money for food