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2018 Fixtures

N.B. Please note that Maiden Castle are being strict about membership cards being shown. If you have one please make sure you have it with you. If not, please get one. Although we don't charge an annual membership, we do charge match fees. There will be a charge of £5 for matches on MC1, and £2 for all other games (MC2 and away fixtures).

Fixtures in solid type are confirmed. Any in italics are awaiting confirmation. Start times are as indicated.

MC1 = Maiden Castle (grass wicket) ; MC2 = Maiden Castle (artificial wicket)

The club plays Grey SCR annually for the Euan Squires Memorial Trophy, in memory of Professor Euan Squires.






CANCELLED 12th (Thu 17:30) Practice match MC2
  19th (Thu 17:30) Practice match MC2
  22nd (Sun 2pm) King's School Old Boys Tynemouth Cricket Club (Priors Park)
  25th (Wed 17:30) Practice match MC2
  29th (Sun 12:00) Josephine Butler B (student league) MC2
  1st (Tues 17:30) Chester-le-Street MC1
CANCELLED 3rd (Thurs 18:00) Sunderland NAS Littletown
CANCELLED 6th (Sun 12:00) St John's A (student league) MC2
  8th (Tues 17:30) King James MC1
  15th (Tues 17:30) Mallards MC1
  17th (Thur 18:00) Wolsingham XI Wolsingham
  20th (Sun 2pm) Hunwick XI Hunwick CC
  22nd (Tues 17:30) King's School Old Boys MC1
  24th (Thurs 18:00) QSCC Burnmoor
  27th (Sun 1:30) Durham City development XI MC1
  31st (Thurs 17:30) Durham Farmers MC1
  3rd (Sun 15:00) Trevelyan A (student league) MC2
  7th (Thur 17:30) Sunderland NAS MC2
  9th (Sat 09:00) Grey B (student league) MC1
  11th (Mon 17:30) Grey SCR (Euan Squires Trophy) MC1
  12th (Tues 18:30) Trevelyan A (student league) MC1
  17th (Sun 12:00) John Snow A (student league) MC1
CANCELLED 19th (Tues 17:30) QSCC MC1
CANCELLED 22nd (Fri 17:30) Durham Sanctuary Knockers MC2
  24th (Sun 2pm) United Stars Cricket Club Cowgate
  25th (Mon 17:30) Knights MC1
  27th (Wed 17:30) Grey SCR MC1
  4th (Wed 18:00) King's School Old Boys Tynemouth Cricket Club (Priors Park)
  8th (Sun 14:00) Durham City development XI Durham City
  12th (Thurs 17:30) QSCC Burnmoor
  13th (Fri 18:00) Durham Sanctuary Knockers Durham City
  17th (Tues 18:00) Mallards Riding Mill
  19th (Thurs 17:30) King James MC2
  24th (Tues 17:30) Wolsingham XI MC2
  2nd (Thur 18:00) Knights Belmont
  5th (Sun 14:00) King James Witton-le-Wear
  7th (Tues 18:00) Chester-le-Street XI Chester-le-Street
  12th (Sun, time tbd) Strokemen of Albion Durham City
14th (Tues 18:00) Sunderland NAS Littletown
  9th (Sun 12:30pm) United Stars Cricket Club Cowgate


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