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Project Funding

  • Automated Knowledge Discovery Classification from Semi-structured Data Sources, Stephen McGough, Toby Breckon, Boguslaw Obara, Peter Matthews, Noura Al Moubayed, Georgios Theodoropoulos, Ed Ruck-Keene, 48 Month RAE, £452,000, CDE
  • DSTL: OPEN-SOURCE BIG DATA INSIGHT: Automated Knowledge Discovery and Classification from Semi-structured Data Sources, Stephen McGough, Georgios Theodorpoulos, Toby Breckon, Peter Matthews, Noura Al Moubayed, Boguslaw Obara, Eduardo Cabrera, Ed Ruck Keene, 4 Months RAE, £36,000, DSTL
  • CRITiCaL - Combatting cRiminals In The CLoud, T.Gross, G.Oxburgh, J.Bacardit, J.Yan, T.Ploetz, A.van Moorsel, D.Wall, A.S.McGough, P.Briggs, 329.5 Months RAE, £2,500,000, EPSRC
  • Simulating the Universe with SWIFT and QuickSched: demonstrating a novel fine≠grained task≠parallel library through its application to cosmological simulations (Intel Parallel Computing Centre): Richard Bower, Tom Theuns, Adrian Jenkins, Matthieu Schaller, Pedro Gonnet, Stephen McGough, Tobias Weinzierl, Georgios Theodoropoulos, 30 Months RAE, £185,539, Intel
  • CUDA Research Centre: Nigel Dipper, Georgios Theodoropoulos, Stewart Clark, Stephen McGough, Hardware, NVIDIA
  • Full parallelism of calculations of optimal flow control: Xuerui Mao, Stephen McGough, Georgios Theodoropoulos, 12 Months RAE, £137,623, Archer
  • Cyber Defence: Identifying anomalous human behaviour in heterogeneous systems using beneficial intelligent software (Ben-ware): Stephen McGough, David Wall, Georgios Theodoropoulos, Aad Aad van Moorsel, Budi Arief, John Fitzgerald, Sujeewa Alwis, Ed Ruck-Keene, 9 Months RAE, £143,818, DSTL
  • Information Processing and Sensemaking: Auto-identification of Emerging Behaviour Stereotypes from Semi-structured Data Sources: Stephen McGough, Georgios Theodoropoulos, Toby Breckon, Peter Matthews, Johnathan Cumming, Eduardo Cabrera, Ed Ruck-Keene, 12 Months RAE, £109,866, DSTL
  • An New Frontier in Design: The Simulation of Open Engineered Biological Systems: Nicholas Wright, T Curtis, Jennifer Hallinan, K Pancholi, P Zuliani, R Davenport, A Wipat, A P Roskilly, D Wilkinson, P Watson, S Rushton, B Bridgens, J Chen, A S McGough 960 Months RAE, £6,805,798.17, EPSRC.
  • Limbs Alive - Monitoring of Upper Limb Rehabilitation and Recovery after Stroke Through Gaming: Janet Eyre, Garry Ford, Helen Rodgers, Christopher Price, Lynn Rochester, Paul Watson, Stephen McGough, Graham Morgan, Feng Li, Jian Shi, Katie Brittain, 254 Months RAE, £2,015,509, Welcome Trust.
  • NEXUSXPS: Peter Cumpson, Hugo Hiden, Simon Woodman, Stephen McGough, 110 Months RAE, £3,137,505, EPSRC
  • NeuroCloud: Marcus Kaiser, Quoc Vuong, Stephen McGough, Christopher Petkov, 6 Months RAE, £26,495, EPSRC (Internal)
  • Iridium: Ben Allen, Clive Gerrard, Jill Golightly, Paul Haldane, Simon Kometa, Andrew Martin, Stephen McGough, Niall O'Loughlin, Paul Thompson, Janet Wheeler, John Williams, 36 Months RAE, £551,403, JISC
  • Flood Modelling for Cities using Cloud Computing: Vedrana Kutija, Christopher Kilsby, A.S.McGough, S. Woodman, V.Glenis, 6 Months RAE, £58,484.97, EPSRC / JISC
  • Improving the Usability and Learnability of the e-Science Central Service Development Kit: Stephen McGough, Patrick Olivier, Paul Watson, 5 Months RAE, £39,904, JISC
  • Cutting Edge: Eric Cross, Steve McLean, Andrea Dolfini, Lindsay Allason-Jones, Chris Fowler, Stephen McGough, Paul Watson, 9 Months RAE, £152,604, JISC
  • Micromechanics of seismic wave propagation in granular materials: C.O'Sullivan, A.S.McGough, 66 Months RAE, £314,177, EPSRC
  • GridSAM 3: Funding for six months continued development of the GridSAM system to add new features requested by the user community. A.S. McGough, 7.2 Month RAE, £68,379.
  • GridBS: A one year project to integrate the Condor matchmaker within a standards based Grid environment. A.S. McGough, D. Colling and D. Wallom, 24 Months RAE, £140,865.
  • GridNET2: Funding for sending two members of staff to GGF/OGF events in 2005-2008. A.S.McGough, £57 800.
  • OMII Security: Eighteen months of funding to investigate the security model used within the OMII infrastructure. A.S. McGough, 18 Month RAE, £130 000.
  • GridSAM 2: Continuation funding from the OMII to develop GridSAM along with support for Resource Usage Service and security, A.S. McGough, 15 Month RAE, £86 401.
  • Bioinformatics Course: To run three one week courses to teach Grid technologies to Bioinformaticians, S. Butcher, J. Cohen, O. Jevons, W. Lee, A.S. McGough, 3.5 Month RAE £16 000, BBSRC
  • GridSAM: Project sponsored by the OMII managed programme to develop a job submission and monitoring service based around the upcoming JSDL specification coming out of GGF. A.S. McGough, W. Lee, J. Darlington, 24 Month RAE, £124 444.
  • GridNET: Funds for hosting the JSDL face to face meeting in Imperial College London, A.S. McGough, £620.
  • WOSE: Workflow Optimisation, J. Darlington, S. Newhouse, A.S. McGough, A. Mayer, N. Furmento, 24 Months RAE, £138 265.
  • GRIDCC: (WP4) Workflow and Real time interaction with the Grid, J. Darlington, S. Newhouse, A.S. McGough, 72 Months RAE, £285 265, EPSRC