The Student Barometer surveys students on their experiences of induction, living, learning and support services. It’s an international survey, and it allows us to compare the university satisfaction with that of other students studying at universities all over the world.

The survey is aimed at students who will not be participating in the National Student Survey this year – postgraduate taught and research students, and all undergraduates not in their final year of study. However, all registered students will have the opportunity to complete the survey if they wish to do so.

The survey is carried out by an agency called i-graduate. They will contact you by email first so that you can reply to the survey on-line. The website for the survey itself, and further information about it, is You will be given the option not to participate. i-graduate provide full information about their privacy policy on their website and there will be a link to this site from their emails. The survey is anonymous, and the University will not be able to identify students from their responses.

Before the survey opens, we will provide i-graduate with student contact details and other information (including your subject area, gender and date of birth). This information ensures that i-graduate can provide students with unique links to complete the survey, and means that you won’t need to re-enter this information. The University has a data sharing agreement in place with i-graduate which confirms that this data will be held securely, and that the data will not be processed for purposes unrelated to the survey. However, if you do not want us to send your contact details to i-graduate please email to say this, giving your student ID which you will find on your campus card, by 5 pm on Tuesday 28th October 2014.

Once again, this survey is important to the university and we hope that it will be to you. We would like to encourage you to participate when the survey opens in November 2014. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and, we hope, to respond to the survey.

In order to gather as much feedback as possible, everyone who completes the survey will automatically be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win an iPad. There will also be prizes of £500 to the college with the highest percentage of submissions and a further £200 to the runner up college.

The survey is now underway and students have until 5th December to submit their feedback on life at Durham.

Student Barometer Survey 2014
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