You are embarking on a new adventure and entering a new chapter in your life. If you aren’t already thrilled enough about your major achievement of getting into the BEST college at Durham University, here are a few tips about the surrounding area to increase your excitement levels.

The college system is unique to a few universities. Over time you will form a strong connection to Stevo, create the best friendships possible and make unforgettable memories. Stevo provide a vast range of societies and sports clubs for you to partake in; if there isn’t the one you want why not set up your own? The college provides fun-packed terms for you, from weekly quizzes and film nights to ‘Stevo on Tour’ days and nights out.

The location of the college is brilliant with cities such as Newcastle, York and Durham nearby and villages and towns such as Yarm and Middlesbrough to explore. Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time there is something for everyone! Take the X12 bus for free to Durham and go shopping, see the historic sites or go on a college bar crawl, ending your night in Klute or Jimmy As. Why not go for afternoon tea in town, go ice skating in Billingham or go swimming at Splash in Stockton? If you are looking for a chilled evening, head to Teesside Park where there are restaurants, a cinema and even a bowling alley. We could not be more fortunate with how close everything is!  Don’t worry too much about buying everything before you come to University (or if some things don’t fit in the car) as there are plenty of stores to get everything from such as: Home Bargains, Asda Home, Matalan, Argos, and numerous versions of Poundland.

There are many food shops within easy reach of Stevo, even when feeling a bit delicate after the night before. For food shopping there is a Sainsburys local opposite John Snow (the other college at Queen’s Campus) for essentials. In town there is Iceland and Farmfoods in the precinct, Lidl in Wellington Square at the other end of town, or Aldi. There is Morrisons at Teesside Park or an Asda near Splash and one a little further into Thornaby. There is a Tesco nearby if you have a car too.

Preston Park, Ropner Park and Tees Barrage make for perfect walks or runs. It’s almost hard to believe how beautiful it is around Queen’s Campus. For further trips, you can head into the Yorkshire Dales, or up to Rosberry Topping.

Whether you’re new to the North, or Cooplands is your second home, we are sure that you’ll settle in and discover some amazing friends, hobbies and sights. Get to know your flat mates, the reps, and anyone you come across; share advice, tips and guidance about ‘The North’, or admit your utter cluelessness to what Home Bargains is. Stevo is an open, friendly community, and we are all here to make university the best possible experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We will try our upmost to help you!

Moving to the North East

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