Charity is something Stevo are passionate about. We work closely with DUCK, the Durham University Charities Kommittee, who offer a variety of opportunities to get involved with charity endeavours. Skydives, expeditions around the world, sporting events, themed nights and rag raids are just a selection of some of the different things students are able to participate in, all in the name of raising money for good causes. You can find out more about DUCK at

Stevo itself also holds numerous fundraising events throughout the year, with the proceeds going towards numerous worthwhile causes, such as Movember and local charities. As well as stand alone charity events, DUCK week, sponsored sports events, and working with Durham Marrow, we are probably best known for our Children in Need night. In previous years this event has raised up to and exceeding £1000 in one night and the ever popular gunging of the Charities Officer and JCR President is surely worth a donation!


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