International Students

 Stephenson College has a very large international student population but it doesn’t feel that way as we make you feel at home very quickly! We have students coming from all around the world, both near and far, and this is reflected by the numerous societies such as the South East Asian, Korean even Scottish societies!

Throughout the year Stephenson College hosts a variety of international nights in central where we try to give you a taste of a new and different culture. These are nights hosted by our International Officer, Naveen, alongside another student native to that culture. These nights hold the promise of being a good and fun way to learn about new cultures as well as an opportunity to try (free!) new food. An amazing thing about these nights (apart from the free food of course) is the fact that no matter what culture you originate from, you’re always free to talk to the international officer if you feel that you would like a night celebrating your culture.

So if you would like to connect with people or find out what it is like for an international student, or for any more information on our international nights, please email Naveen Goonewardena, our International Officer at