Yes, you will come to Stevo and have an absolutely awesome time, but at the end of the day, it’s really important that you work hard, get a great degree and can find a job after university. At Stevo, we have a collegiate programme which gives you the chance to get involved in activities which help improve your job prospects and give you great life skills which will be useful in the future. We also hold events where you get the chance to  network and meet people from various career paths.

Wider World Talks

Several times each term, a guest is invited to Stephenson to deliver a question and answer session about their career to our students. These give you a chance to ask questions to people who hold interesting jobs and careers which you may aspire to. We invite various guests from careers relevant to our courses at Stephenson, such as head teachers and accountants, but we also try to invite some guest with more unusual career paths, such as a recovered heroin addict, a doctor and motivational speaker with no arms!

Course Chats

Stephenson JCR also holds Course Chats throughout the year, where students from 2nd Year and above are available to answer any questions you may have about assignments, exams, or just the future of your course in general. These can be of great use to all students, and is gives you an opportunity to hear from those with direct experience of what you are studying.

JCR Committees

Joining a JCR committee is a fantastic opportunity which adds plenty to your CV. You could sit on the Events Committee where you help to plan and organise events throughout the year, you could be on the Steering Committee which helps shape the direction of the college, or you could be on the Finance Committee which helps oversee the JCR finances and ensure money is spent in the correct places.

Careers Events

The Careers, Employability and Enterprise Service at the university is always putting on workshops and seminars to help you improve your employability prospects. This may be through CV writing, interview skills, or could relate to how you can contact new people. Various careers events take place in Stephenson and across campus throughout the year.

The Durham Award

The Durham Award, developed in partnership with students and employers, formally recognises extra-curricular activities and gives you the opportunity to think about the skills you have gained and how to market these to an employer – helping you stand out from the crowd.


If you would like to find out more, or if you have any questions about how the JCR and the college can help you to develop, please contact our Vice President at


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