Central Nights

Quiz Nights

Every week the Exec organise a pub quiz in Stevo Central. Expect topical rounds, general knowledge and incredibly specific questions that only the quizmaster could conceivably know the answer to. Prizes vary each week, and include tickets for nights out, vouchers, vintage Stevo tshirts, and money behind the bar. Get swotting!

International Nights

Stevo Rangers come from all around the world, and so we ask students to host International Nights in Central to celebrate their culture. Expect food, drinks, music and maybe even a bit of dancing.

Board Game/Game Show Nights

Stevo has a bit of a monopoly on fun – it was a bit of an operation, but we recently purchased a tonne of board games, and every week there is a scrabble and a bit of tension as Stevo Rangers rush down to Central to take a relaxing break from the game of life.  But don’t get your knickers in a twist(er) – we also have game show nights. Erm… cluedo.