Induction Week

College Colours - Freshers' Week 2013

Congratulations and welcome to the greatest college here at Durham, Stephenson! Or as we call it here, Stevo!

My name is Fay and I have the privilege of being your JCR President for this coming year. What does all this mean? Well below is the 2016 JCR Handbook, which should hopefully answer that question and many more – it’s crammed full of useful information about your time here at Stephenson College.

Induction week (also known as “Freshers’ Week”) is the one of the first University experiences you will have, therefore we like to make it a good one! Below you can find the link to our Freshers’ Week Handbook which tells you more information about each of the nights we have on offer!

Once you have taken the time to read about our events, head on over to the link below to sign up for tickets for the week and for more information about how to become a JCR Member.

(N.B the deadline for pre-sale tickets is 5pm on Thursday 8th September, after this time tickets can only be bought on Sunday 2nd October).

If you have any queries or questions regarding Freshers’ Week tickets, JCR Membership, or payments of any type then please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Wysocki (Treasurer & Operations Manager) at

I cant wait to meet you all and help you all to become the next generation of Stevo Rangers! – you’re going to have some of the best three years of your life and make some memories that will stay with you forever.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer, and I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future!

Stevo love


Fay Hudson

JCR President