All accommodation through Stephenson has 24-hour security, wi-fi, washing facilities and come fully furnished.

Your Block is your home. Stephenson College has 7 Blocks to accommodate all our livers in at university. Barker, Bellamy, Cooper, Cowey, Griffiths, James and Laming. Each block is named after someone significant to the college or university.

Stevo has 7 Blocks on site at campus surrounding central: Barker, Bellamy, Cooper, Griffiths, Laming, James and Cowey. Each block has 6 flats accommodating 7 en-suite single rooms and a shared kitchen. The rooms offer desk space and storage facilities. This accommodation is just a 30 second walk to the main university buildings for your lectures and are situated right next to Stevo Central which hosts a variety of College social activities.

The people you meet in your accomodation will become your friends for life as you soon find yourself doing everything together whether its rowing, running a society or living with each other the year after!


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