DUCK- Durham University Charities Kommittee

DUCK is the fundraising section of Durham Students’ Union run exclusively by students at Durham University.

DUCK exists to support and facilitate students and staff in fundraising hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to benefit local, national and international charities. DUCK was set up in the 1960’s, and originally organised a single week-long event, but now operate the whole year round.

Every year, DUCK sends thousands of students to do charitable work around the world, from Jordan to Edinburgh, Paris to Tanzania, as well as organising many local events like the famous Grand Durham DUCK race. All of this is made possible through the hard work and dedication of Durham University Student Volunteers who will do whatever it takes to raise money for almost 200 charitable causes each year. As well as helping students fundraise for their chosen charities, we also run an annual allocation process,  through which charities can apply for grants to fund specific projects. This process is how DUCK supports dozens of small, local causes every year. Our costs are covered by the unrestricted fundraising activities we organise each year.

DUCK runs events throughout the year which you are encouraged to get involved with, either as a volunteer or a guest on the day. Each college also has DUCK REPS which are responsible for ensuring their college is aware of all events taking place and organising their own events in college. At Queen’s Campus we are also lucky to have Molly, who is the overall Queen’s Campus Rep, who will oversee all events and fundraising at QC.

Molly: QC rep – “I’m in charge of promoting all things DUCK to the students of Queens Campus as well as organising events and liaising between various representatives on both campuses. DUCK QC doesn’t quite have the cred it does up at main campus. Last year the main aim was to make students more aware of DUCK and what the society does. This year we are hoping to put on more events, particularly during DUCK week, to better establish the society and make the students here feel more involved with those up in Durham- so stay tuned!”

Our biggest event at QC is the DUCK VARSITY between the two colleges, so look out for this happening in first term!