Stephenson College Sports has something for everyone…why not give it a go?!

Did someone say College Trophy Champions?

Everyone is encouraged to get involved with sports here at Stephenson; the majority of teams have both a Men’s and Women’s side but there are so many sports we can’t list them all. The full selection of teams can be viewed through the menu above. There is also the opportunity to start your own team if there isn’t one already in existence.

Mixed Lacrosse – started in 2014 – is becoming one of the biggest sports at Stevo!

As well as the usual club training sessions, inter-collegiate matches and socials, there is a lot more to get excited about at Stevo. Queen’s Campus holds an annual Varsity, where all our teams compete against John Snow college in order to win the Inter-College Cup. In 2017 we took home the trophy after it had a 2 year visit to John Snow and we really don’t want to subject our precious trophy to that ever again so we hope you can help use retain in 2018!

There are also opportunities to mix with people from other Durham Colleges, such as the College Festival of Sport, the Hill vs Bailey games and for those who wish to play at a competitive and more intense level, you can try out for Team Durham, the clubs who represent Durham University against other universities. Sporting scholarships are available for high calibre student athletes and more information can be found on the Team Durham website.

Ultimate Frisbee 1 – 0 Mud

One of the best things about Durham is that the collegiate system gives you the chance to experience sport in a way that you haven’t experienced it before. A college is a smaller community than university but we believe this enhances your sport experience as it allows everyone to participate regardless of their ability. Stephenson has the best of both worlds, participating at college or for the more competitive, playing for Team Durham; or even both! There is something here that you will enjoy and hopefully even develop your ability, as the majority of teams will be receiving coaching. Furthermore, the social side that sports teams bring will be a huge part of your life at university as each team often organises their own social events.

Queen’s Campus has got a new multi-million pound sports centre with state-of-the-art facilities, which definitely comes in handy. Queens Campus also has a Gym, Sports Hall, Boathouse and we are located close to the Tees Water Sports Centre near three other modern gyms. Also, there is a free bus to Maiden Castle and the Racecourse in Durham which holds additional sports facilities and pitches.

At Stevo there really is the chance to try something completely new, or even just improve on what you are already good at. If you would like to find out more about anything mentioned here, or if you have any questions about sport at Stephenson, please contact your Sports and Societies Officer for the year; Iona Jervis at

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