Lacrosse 14-150001

Captain – Corey Irons

Welcome to the Stephenson College Mixed Lacrosse page! Before I tell you anything about our amazing sport I’d firstly like to invite you to come and join us to get a real taste of the action.

A bit about the sport. There are 10 players on each side, 5 boys and 5 girls. Firstly, you have a Lacrosse Stick (one of the coolest looking pieces of sport equipment ANYWHERE, I assure you) and then you have a ball. It’s pretty simple, pass between the players on your team or dribble (we like to call it cradling because we’re alternative like that) your way up the pitch to the opposition’s net. Once there, shoot past the goal cover into the opposition’s goal and Hey Presto! You’ve scored for Stephenson College.

If this all sounds too complicated for you then I implore you to come and give it a try. We’re pretty much an entire team of beginners so there’s no pressure on anyone to blow us all away with your mad tekkers.

We train twice a week, Tuesdays 5-6pm on the Astro and Thursdays 5-6pm on the field next to it. Matches take place at Maiden Castle in Durham on weekends and match days are always a great occasion for team spirit and camaraderie, even in the rain!

In terms of team-building, we have some amazing socials planned for the year which will cater to all tastes (we’re usually very democratic and let you vote on what you want to do!). This past year we’ve enjoyed ice skating, fancy dress nights out and many others; the exec can’t wait for your ideas to make them even better.

I cannot overstate what a new dimension college sport will add to your university experience, and I hope that Mixed Lacrosse will be the sport for you!

  Anyone and everyone is welcome…even if you have never heard of lacrosse before! Almost everyone is a beginner, so why not give it a go?!