Mixed Lacrosse at Stevo is for anyone from people who have played sports before, to those who have never caught a ball in their lives.

After an amazingly successful season where we finished joint 2nd in our league and, most importantly, beat John Snow, we are hoping to improve once more and continue our reign over Snow for another year!

But what is Mixed Lacrosse? There are 10 players on each team, 5 boys and 5 girls. Firstly, you have a lacrosse stick and the aim is to catch the ball in the net of your stick. You can pass between the players of your team or run with it in your stick up the pitch to the opposition’s goal where you shoot past the goal covers and (hopefully) score for Stevo!

We train twice a week: Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm on the Astro, and Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm on the grass next to the Astro. Matches take place on weekends at Maiden Castle in Durham with our red face paint which always makes for a great atmosphere.

In terms of socials, we’ve had an absolute ball this year. From ice skating to our regular trips to Spoons and post-exams summer barbecue, we cater to all tastes and aim to continue this next year.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we can’t wait for you to join our team!

Lacrosse sticks. Face paint. Stevo spirit. It’s on!

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