Captain – Lara Parekh-Downes

At Stephenson College we have two netball teams that play in the Durham University leagues. In the 2016-2017 league, the B Team finished in Division 2, whilst the A Team remains in the Premiership! The team is open to all abilities, so anyone is welcome, whether you play currently, or have never played before! Training consists of practice exercises, fitness and a friendly game within the team, and happens once a week in the Queen’s Campus Sports Hall.

Netball is a great way to make new friends outside of your course or college block, and helps to keep up fitness levels and let off some steam after lectures. The sessions are relaxed, but, for the more competitive, league matches are always played to a good standard with our goal being to move up in the leagues. Matches are played weekly in the league and in tournaments, with the year ending in Varsity against John Snow.

The team don’t only train together, we also have socials throughout the year to improve team bonding and just enjoy ourselves! Taster sessions for the team are in the first few weeks of term, with more information at the Fresher’s Fair in Induction Week.

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