A Team Captain – Joseph Hardaker


B Team Captains – Deniz Taylor & Dillon D Souza



Pool is a sport for absolutely anyone and it is a great way to meet people and visit other colleges (and their bars) for a good bit of fun! It is a very chilled out activity, so don’t be put off thinking everyone in the league is Ronnie O’Sullivan – this is not the case and all abilities are welcome.
 An unsettled season last year saw both teams achieve, in their own ways, a mediocre finish. The A Team with a completely new squad struggled to make the impact that previous teams have had in the Premier League and were eventually relegated after a string of agonisingly close games towards the end of the year. In contrast, the B Team started well securing points in most of their first term games, however a run of disappointing form in second term proved decisive in ensuring they would not reach the playoffs and would not make it two promotions in two years.
This year league games for the A  and B teams will be held typically every Sunday evening and can end up being a great night with lots of laughs.
‘Try outs’ will be sometime during Induction Week, where the teams will be loosely decided, but the teams can be flexible, so players can be rotated and swapped throughout the season. ‘Try out’ dates will be posted on this page closer to the start of Induction Week.
If you are interested, feel free to email us and we will answer any questions you may have; alternatively, feel free to check out the Durham Uni Pool League (DUPL) webpage.

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