A Team Captain – Andy Moy


B Team Captain – Connor Caswell


Stephenson Pool Division 1 Winners 2014

After gaining consecutive promotions in our first two years since first establishing a team, Stephenson are now hoping to expand and set up some more teams. Pool is HUGE at Durham, and we need to properly compete with the amount of interest from the other colleges!
If you have any previous experience playing pool, or if you would like to give it a go, make sure you get involved! It is a great way to meet people and visit other colleges (and their bars) for a good bit of fun! It is a very chilled out activity, so don’t be put off thinking everyone in the league is amazing at the game…this is not the case and all abilities are welcome. For the potential new teams there is the ‘friendly ladder’, where things are even more relaxed, so everyone is welcome!
This year league games for the A team will be held typically every Sunday evening and can end up being a great night out. Ultimately we have fun, but win leagues along the way. Easy!
‘Try outs’ will be sometime after Freshers’ Week, where the teams will be loosely decided, but the teams can be flexible, so players can be rotated and swapped throughout the season. I will post a date for the ‘try outs’ on the Stephenson Facebook page, or send out an email at a later date.
If you are interested, feel free to email us and we will answer any questions you may have; alternatively, feel free to check out the Durham Uni Pool League (DUPL) webpage.