Stevo Rangers are very privileged to be at one of only several universities in the world which operate JCRs!

What is a JCR?

When you come to Durham you’ll hear the term JCR an awful lot, it is what we believe contributes towards the Durham Difference. JCR stands for Junior Common Room and, put as simply as possible, is what organises some of the things at University alongside your degree. The JCR is what provides you with things like Sports, Societies, events and volunteering opportunities and is ran by students for students, to ensure that there is something here for everyone.

All members of the JCR can have their say on issues at JCR meetings, which normally take place twice a term. The JCR is almost like a mini Students’ Union exclusively for Stephenson College members. We like to see it as our Private Members’ Club!

To be a member of the JCR you must pay a one-off membership fee, better known as the JCR Levy. This will differ based on your length of your stay with us.

Your JCR Levy allows you to;

Play for JCR sports teams at a reduced rate.

Join JCR societies at a reduced rate.

Pay reduced prices for JCR events
(Induction Week, Balls, City Trips, Central Fridays, Weekly Nights Out)

Receive ‘early bird’ ticket sales

Access to student discounts in the local area organised by the JCR which are relevant to students

Run for JCR positions
(Executive positions, Non-Executive positions, Freshers’ Rep, Welfare Rep, Ticket Rep)

Vote at JCR meetings and elections

Attend 2 Formal Dinners at a reduced cost

Be an active member of the JCR

Also included in the Levy:

College Tie or College Pin and Pashmina*

3 or 4 year  Undergraduate or Postgraduate Course: £135

This membership would include:

 Levy at £100
2 Formal Dinners at a reduced rate
College Tie OR College Pin & College Pashmina* at £15

Alumni Membership @ £20

 1 Year Postgraduate Degree: £55

This membership would include:

MCR Levy at £20
2 Formal Dinners at a reduced rate
College Tie OR College Pin & College Pashmina* at £15

Alumni Membership @ £20

*College Ties, College Pins, and College Pashminas are still available for purchase on day of arrival for Non-JCR Members

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are provisional and subject to change for the 2018/19 academic year!


The JCR has three levels of officers: Executive, Non-Executive and Committee Member.

We are proud to have such a fantastic Executive and Non-Executive Committee who have each been elected to help make sure that, as a JCR, we are doing our absolute best for you.

Exec Officers have more responsibility and are often asked to help out with all areas of the JCR. To become an Exec you have to be very dedicated and are elected in a College wide ballot in the Epiphany term. The Exec meet weekly to discuss JCR-wide plans. Non-Exec Officers are also elected in Epiphany term and meet with the Executive every two weeks.

Committee members submit their names for a vacant position in any particular committee, and await for it to be approved – there are no elections. The committees are the lifeblood of the JCR as they ensure that epic things are happening in each particular area (e.g. Events Committee, Environment Committee, Ball Committee). Being a committee member is a good way to be involved with organising events in your area of interest. Early involvement in committees may increase your likelihood of being elected into an Executive or Non-Executive position in the future. Fresher Reps, Finance Reps and Welfare Reps also all sit as committee members for different groups.

All officers are accountable to the JCR as a whole and should act in accordance with the rules set out in the Constitution; this can be found in the President’s Office, or the JCR Chair, Deniz Taylor, can provide you with a copy if you email him at

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