Executive Committee

President – Fay Hudson

Hey! I am Fay and I have the privilege of being your JCR President for this coming year. I graduated back in June in Business and Management and have been both a Welfare Rep and Societies Officer 2015/16, but I’m not ready to leave quite just yet! Instead I’m here as a sabbatical officer for another year to make sure you all enjoy your time here just as much as I have.

The JCR is what provides you with things like Sports, Societies, events and volunteering opportunities which help you to enjoy University just that little bit more. It is my responsibility to oversee this, all while ensuring that your welfare remains our top priority! I’m here to make sure that you are represented and that there is something here for everyone, my office is located in Stevo Central and my door is always open (well not literally) if you ever have any questions no matter how big or small.

 I can’t wait to meet you all soon, give me a shout if you have any questions!

Stevo Love


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries at stephenson.jcr@durham.ac.uk; fay.hudson@durham.ac.uk or phone on 01913349380

Treasurer & Operations Manager / Alumni Relations Assistant (TrOps) – Lauren Wysocki

Aloha everybody! I am Lauren and I shall be your new TrOps for the coming year. This means I’ll be in charge of our JCR finances, managing the bar (attempting to make sure it’s always well stocked), organising your Locomotion Dinners, and generally keeping Central just how you’d want it.

Whilst at Stevo I’ve gotten fully involved, being a Welfare Rep, Netball Captain, and Women’s Football Captain and I’ve loved every second of it! So I’m looking forward to sticking around a bit longer, sharing my experiences, and hopefully igniting your love for Stevo!

Mondays and Tuesdays I shall be hiding away in College Office, but any other time you should be able to find me in the JCR Office or just floating around central. Feel free to grab me for a chat or to ask any questions. Plus, if there’s anything you would like that you think could make Stevo even better, shout up and I’ll try my hardest to get it! See you all soon 🙂

Ball Chair – Emma Hunter

I would just like to say welcome to Stephenson College, my favourite place in the world!. I am Emma Hunter and I will be your overly enthusiastic Ball Chair for the next year. This means I get to plan a Winter and Summer Ball event for Stevo, which of course is a big task so I would be extremely eager for as many of you who wish to come along to by Ball Committee which will be hosted throughout the year. This is not only a super exciting opportunity to meet other people form all years but is also to get some great event management experience! My initial ideas include a mammoth Summer Ball theme such as The Great Gatsby, with plenty of 1920’s themed treats. Please feel free to pass on ideas when you see me as I am sure yours will be even better than mine. Can’t wait to meet you!


Chair – Callum Osborne

Hello freshers! I am Callum and I am your Chairman for this year. For those of you who don’t know what my job entails, here is a summary. Firstly I chair both the Exec, who meet each week, and the Non-Exec Committee, who meet alongside the Exec bi-weekly. Alongside this I chair the JCR meetings where we discuss and vote on all matters JCR that might impact you. I make sure that the standing orders are all up to date, which can be found on the JCR website, and uphold JCR democracy- yey democracy! I also present the biggest day of the year – which is Stevo Day! Anyway that’s for reading and if you have any questions or want to talk to me in person, I can normally be found in Central; looking forward to seeing you all!


Communications Officer – Jack Dickety

Hi guys, I am Jack and my job is to give you all the information! That means that you’re more often than not going to see my name popping up on Facebook and my face appearing on the Snapchat! I’m a Business and Management 2nd year student and amongst other things my job has included the making of the JCR Handbook, so I really hope you will find it beneficial in some way, shape or form. If you have any queries about anything, no matter how trivial then please do not hesitate to ask me or any other member of the Executive Committee! Not long left until you make the trip to sunny Stockton and embark on the best years of your life!

Events Director – Alex Cross

Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I am your Events Director for the following year! My job is to organise Freshers’ Week which I hope you all have an awesome time at! But the fun doesn’t stop at Freshers’ Week… I will also be organizing fun day and night trips like Christmas shopping, to City trips in Newcastle! I hope to create a variety of events that everyone can enjoy, including fun themes and much more! If you have any ideas for an event that you’d like to see at Stevo, let me know and I’ll see if it can be done! I am open to lots of new events and opinions, and will be hosting an Events Committee every few weeks for people to share their views and ideas: so come along to help me create more, bigger, better events! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sports and Societies Officer – Katie Hall

Heya everyone, my name is Katie and I am your Sports and Societies Officer for the coming year! I am a third year Primary Education student and my role is what it says on the tin – looking after Sports and Societies within the College! My advice to you all is to throw yourself into everything you can – whether you’ve been taking part in it since before you could walk or you’ve never partaken in it in your life! Sports and Societies are part of the reason I’ve enjoyed College life so much and its such a great way to meet new people. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Cant wait to meet you all. Katie xxx

Vice President – Ailish Carroll

Hey everyone! I am a third year Psychology (Applied) student and I’m so so SO excited to be your Vice-President for the next year! As VP, my job basically involves me working with College and the Exec and Non-Exec to make sure you guys all get the most out of both your University social and academic life by encouraging engagement and development. I’m really keen for all things Stevo so if you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask me! You are literally all going to have the best time ever here at the best College at Durham and I can’t wait to meet you all!!


Welfare Officer – Joe Hardaker

Joe Hardaker

Hi I am Joe, a third year Primary Education student from Halifax in Yorkshire. In my role as Welfare Officer for the 2016/17 academic year I, along with my trusted team of Welfare Reps and my Assistant Welfare Officer Jarius, will be running events throughout the year to make sure you have the best University experience you can! We host campaigns every term and weekly events where you can come and chat to members of the Welfare team about anything you like, as well as being able to get some free chocolate at our ‘KitKat ChitChat’ sessions! Can’t wait to meet you guys soon! Welfare love x

International Officer  – Naveen Goonewardena


Hello and Ciao! My name is Naveen , a 3rd year Accounting and Finance student and I will be your International Officer for this year. I am Sri Lankan but I studied in Liverpool for 10 months when I was 9 years old! Last year I was a Ticket Rep and saw the diversity that Stevo is proud of. As your International Officer, I will be organizing some fantastic International nights, which would integrate all your cultures into College life and make you feel even more welcome in your new environment. If you have any ideas or just need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to get in touch; everyone’s ideas are more than welcome! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!