JCR Committees are the easiest and quickest way to get involved in the JCR. There are a variety of different committees, each chaired by either an Executive or Non-Executive Committee officer.

Each committee covers a different area of JCR business to ensure that all aspects of college life are accounted for and that there is something happening for everybody. For example; if you want to help plan a city trip, then you can join the Events Committee; if you want to help organise the Summer or Winter Ball you could join the Ball Committee; or if you wanted to help advertise JCR events you could join the Communications Committee.

If you wish to join a committee, you can sign up at the Freshers’ Fair or at any time throughout the course of the year. To find out more about each committee, please contact the respective chair.

Please see the diagram below for a list of all of the committees that you can join – you must be elected to join the committees highlighted in red.

Check your wall planner to find out when these committees hold their meetings!


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