Fresher Reps

The team of Fresher reps are led exquisitely by our head reps, Ella and Adrian, and consist of second and third year students devoted to ensuring that during students’ first year at Stevo they have the best possible time; here they are!



Adrian von Enkevort – Head Male Rep                                                                                 Ella West – Head Female Rep


Harry Daniels – Fresher Rep
Tom Brookhouse – Fresher Rep
Pocky Cheung – Fresher Rep
Molly Course – Fresher Rep
Josh Brown – Fresher Rep
Stephen Hall – Fresher Rep
Hannah Brown – Fresher Rep
Tom Brown – Fresher Rep
Zara Bhana – Fresher Rep
Charlotte Poole – Fresher Rep
Diana Pereira – Fresher Rep
Charlie Titterton – Fresher Rep
Brogan Thornton – Fresher Rep
Nathan Indrakumar – Fresher Rep

 Ticket Reps

Our ticket reps are on hand throughout the year to ensure that you have all of the information you need about any events that the JCR host. They are a friendly bunch so lets put some names to faces and meet them!

Louise Trelles-Tvede – Ticket Rep
Flavia Arthur – Ticket Rep
Sarina Mathew – Ticket Rep
Carlos Higuera Domingo – Ticket Rep
Greg Russell – Ticket Rep
Sarah Jones – Ticket Rep


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