Non-Executive Committee

Assistant Welfare Officer – Jarius Alfred

As Assistant Welfare Officer, I am part of the Non-Executive Committee for Stevo’s JCR Rep Team. Fundamentally, my role is to help you have an amazing university experience, in a fun, safe and supportive manner. I meet routinely with the Welfare Team to discuss ways we can help you and organise campaign weeks, for example Mind Your Head Week (regarding mental health awareness and support) and SHAG Week (don’t get too excited… it stands for Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week) among many others. Crucially, I am there for a casual conversation regarding any issues or concerns and I will do my best to help and support you throughout the year in any way I can!

Charities Officer – Kiera Prior

Hello there! I’m Kiera, 3rd year Business and Management student and your Charities Officer for this year. I am from Yarm and live in college so am always around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi! I am so excited to help you get involved with charities. My aim this year is to help create opportunities for you to help some amazing charities and I am always looking for more help and suggestions, so feel free to drop me a message at any time. We have the opportunity to make such a huge difference and have fun whilst doing it so it would be so good to get loads of people involved. See you soon!

Environment Officer – Amy Ding

Hi guys! My names Amy and I’m from China! The environment is something that I’ve always been hugely passionate about and I can’t wait to put my ideas into action this year! I have absolutely loved my first year at Stephenson college and as well as my love for the environment, I have been part of various committees and have shaped the college in loads of ways! I even managed to organise the university’s first China night to celebrate the Chinese New Year and am helping to run the Weibo account this year! If you have any ideas as to how we as a college could improve our green footprint, please contact me!

Livers-Out Officer – Alastair Paterson

Hi I am Al, a 4th year Pharmacy student. As Livers Out Officer, my aim is to make sure those not living in College accomodation are still able to make the most of all the amazing opportunities available through Stephenson College. This includes organising things like meals out, buddying up with people in accomodation for overnight stays after college events, and listening to what you guys want from your College to make sure you feel as much a part of it as students living on Campus. We run several event throughout the year to assist you to partake in as many college activites that you can such as a day of getting to know each other to see if you could potentially car share with fellos students who live near you.

LGBT+ Rep – Alex Laval


What do i do as an LGBT+ Rep? Essentially I provide a platform for all Stevo LGBT+ Rangers to voice their thoughts and express themselves, as well as progressively establish greater ties between this committee/ community and other committees. University can be one of the best times of your life and I am here to make sure that each and every one of you feel 100% comfortable while you make some lifelong memories here! The ultimate goal is to break down any barriers and work towards the total inclusion of every single Stevo Ranger. Expect some really great events and the chance to get involved in some of the cool(est) opportunties that will help you make the most of your time here!

Students’ Union Rep – James Creer

Hi, I am James, your Students Union Rep. My job is to go to assembly meetings, those meetings that decide differnet things to do with Durham Students Union’s actions, structure and functioning, and represent you through the vote and voice that I have. I am also working with with the Union to make sure that they are as present and active on Queens Campus as they can be. I am also here to promote activities and elections that the Union to maximise the numebr of people that get involved. On top of all this, I will be available in the Students Union office – in the Holliday Building – on a weekly basis (timings will be announced during Induction Week) to offer you any advice you need on any Union related issues or support to help you carry out any campaigns for action. I want to make sure that I do as much as I can in this role and truly represent you, so I will be delivering reports on all manner of things including activities, changes and updates to anything Union related in JCR meetings, so you can hold me to account in the role. Just as I hold the Union accountable for you. I look forward to meeting you all.

Assistant Events Director – Holly Raine


Hey, my name is Holly and I am a third year Primary Education student from Nottingham. I am this year’s Assistant Events Director, which I am very excited about as it is a brand new position! I will help run and organise some of the great events that the Events Officer, Alex, has already mentioned throughout the year such as Stevo on Tour day trips. We both have some exciting ideas for the forthcoming year that we are already working on that we cannot wait for. I really cannot wait to meet you all during freshers week. See you soon! Holly xxx

Postgraduate Rep – Mohit Jain


Hello everyone, my name is Mohit. I am pursuing my PhD in Pharmacy. I will be your Postgraduate Rep and MCR President for this year. I am very much looking forward to organising all the exciting academic and social events with the help of the College and by integrating my work with the JCR President. I would like to forward my warm and hearty welcome to all the postgraduates and mature students in the college. I shall see you all soon.