Our Welfare reps offering some support and guidance to students during their exams.

Life at Stephenson is hectic, what will all the sports, societies and studies going on, meaning we can all get burnt out and worn down.  So that’s why we’re here! We, the welfare team, provide a network of support to everyone in College, we’re part of the JCR and are the first point of contact if you need someone to speak to outside of family and friends.

Who are Team Welfare?

Don’t worry we’re not a strange bunch of people, we’re regular students, just like you! Molly Bennett, the Welfare Officer, is like the Captain of Team Welfare, with two Assistant Welfare Officers, Louise Nicholson and Finn McCabe, being like the Vice Captains. Then there’s the rest of the team who are all really friendly and highly approachable. It’s our goal to run Team Welfare and help make Stephenson College your home from home and to enhance your University experience!

What do we do?

We run a weekly KitKat ChitChat where you can come and chat to us about anything that’s going on in your world. We’ve all been trained in listening and confidentiality skills, so what you say doesn’t become idle gossip for the entire campus. We aren’t here to give you professional advice, but we can help you find it if you need it. We help you find the right people to talk to, as well as providing personal well-being supplies. It’s not all serious stuff though, come and chat about what’s the best activities to get involved with, top takeaway places, great places to go shopping and what’s fun to do around here!

KitKat Chit Chat

We also organise various awareness campaigns throughout the year, and this year they include the ever-popular SHAG (Sexual Health and Guidance) Week, Substances Week and Healthy Relationships Week, amongst many others.

How can I spot a member of Team Welfare?

In Freshers’ week, it’s easy – we’re all wearing bright yellow Team Welfare tops so that we stand out, as modelled by our very own 6 foot teddy bear, Steve.

Steve the Bear taking a well-earned rest!

So look out for us on every night of Freshers’ Week, running the various Awareness Weeks and attending organised JCR events throughout the year!


At Stephenson we promote and run campaigns, themed weeks which are held around three times a term with the aim of providing information and raising awareness within the college environment. These are run in conjunction with Durham Students’ Union and other groups with the intention of being both interactive and accessible to every member of the JCR. You can find out more about each week here.

Did someone say free food? Healthy Eating Week food tasting lunch.

Social media coverage

Can’t get enough of Team Welfare? Follow us on all of our social media channels to keep up to date with all our amazing campaigns:

Instagram – stepehenson_welfare

Twitter – SteveTheBear

Facebook – Stephenson College JCR Welfare – Durham University

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