Alcohol Awareness Partnership

Alcohol Awareness Partnership

Stephenson College is an inclusive environment, which equally respects and considers those who choose not to drink alcohol, and those who do. We recognise that for some students and staff, alcohol can play a role in social activities. Stephenson College therefore endorses sensible and responsible drinking, and strives to make all members of our community aware of any harmful effects of alcohol.

In November 2015, Stephenson College and Junior Common Room established an Alcohol Awareness Partnership, inspired in part by the NUS Alcohol Impact campaign. The Partnership includes representatives from the College, student body, café/bar staff, and JCR Events and Welfare Officers.

The Stephenson College Alcohol Awareness Partnership will;

  • Aim to understand the characteristics, attitudes and opinions of students and staff that do not drink alcohol, and indentify groups or trends where alcohol consumption is problematic
  • Improve awareness of the impacts of alcohol, and promote support available to those who experience problems
  • Work with the College, JCR, Students’ Union, University and external agencies to provide greater opportunities for responsible consumption of alcohol, and for equal provision for those who choose not to drink alcohol

Some of the achievements made in 2015/16 include introducing soft drinks deals at the College Café/Bar, offering smaller bottles of wine and non-alcoholic alternatives at Locomotion Dinners, and making links with Stockton-on-Tees council.

Durham University’s policy for student alcohol awareness and use can be found here.