Head Welfare Officer – Molly Bennett


Female Assistant Welfare Officer – Louise Nicholson


Male Assistant Welfare Officer – Finn McCabe


Stephenson JCR Welfare Phone & SMS

Call or text the JCR Welfare phone which is monitored by the Welfare Officer & Assistant Welfare Officers. Call even if it’s just for a chat or you think someone might need some support or you need support yourself.

Availability: Weekdays 5pm-9pm

Tel: 07793 268913


Assistant Senior Tutor

The role of College Senior Tutor is to provide advice and guidance on issues related to academic progress and personal well-being. Students with disabilities can expect ensured provision of appropriate accommodation, and senior tutors address college access needs (including parking), give advice and guidance during periods of illness and/or injury and assist in completion of mitigating circumstances forms, as well as administering the college hardship fund and dealing with emergencies as appropriate.

Availability: Weekdays 9am-5pm

Tel: 0191 334 0090

Email: jane.dove@durham.ac.uk


Stephenson College Porters Lodge

Offering 24/7 security for Stephenson College, Porters can be contacted in regard to noise complains, behaviour problems, accidents and repairs and maintenance in College. Porters also offer emergency assistance 24/7 for students.

Availability: 24/7

Tel: 0191 334 0087

External Contacts


Samaritans (Teesside)

There’s no typical problem that people talk to us about. You can talk to us anything that’s making you feel bad. Sometimes people call us because they are struggling to cope with a single problem that they have. More often, people contact us because a number of problems have mounted up and they’re finding it hard to cope. What matters to us is how your life is making you feel.

Availability: 24/7

Tel: 08457 90 90 90


Stockton Police Station

Non-emergencies including general inquiries and other questions and information.

Availability: 24/7

Tel: 101


Alma Medical Centre

Alma Medical Centre is a modern General Practice based in central Stockton and aim to provide quality family healthcare for patients in Stockton and nearby areas. We offer a comprehensive range of General Practice services and also provide clinics to help you manage any long term conditions you may have.

Availability: Weekdays 8:30am-6pm

Tel: 01642 607248

Email: HSTCCG.amc@nhs.net


Mental Health Matters (Stockton)

Contacting the Helpline can give you a feeling of relief, wellbeing and peace of mind. You won’t be judged and our service is confidential unless we consider that there is a risk to yourself or others.

Availability: 6pm-6am Everyday

Tel: 0800 052 7349


SARC Teeside

The SARC provides 24 hour crisis intervention and support for victims of Rape or Sexual Assault 365 days a year with dedicated specially trained staff who are able to explain and discuss your options with you. SARC staff will provide support and ensure that your needs are met throughout. SARC staff will support you with your needs regardless of whether or not you want to report to the Police.

Availability: 24/7

Tel: 01642 516888

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