Team Welfare

These are some of the friendly faces here to help you settle in during Induction Week, and throughout the rest of the year. They are available for the entire year to talk to whenever you need, however there are also dedicated sessions each week, known as Kit-Kat Chit Chat, where some of the team will be around central doing lots of fun activities for everyone to join in. But don’t fear if you can’t remember their faces, you’ll spot their bright yellow shirts and huge friendly smiles from across the Campus!

Joe Hardaker

Welfare Officer – Joe Hardaker

Assistant Welfare Officer – Jarius Alfred

                        Harriett                            alex

Disabilities Rep – Harriet Axbey                         LGBT+ Rep – Alex Laval


Sarah Jones                                Katie Pratt


Abigail Perrott                         Connor Caswell                  Adrian von Enckevort


Craig Young                           Katie Worrall


Joseph McCrave                           Lauren Johnson                        Matt Parks


Molly Bennett                       Ntima van-Der Boom


Rhys Radford                               Valerie Beeston