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Ferroelectrics. Ferroelectric Curie point, hysteresis, spontaneous polarisation, remanent polarisation, coercive field.

Physical model of ferroelectrics. Domains. Materials and material parameters.

Phase diagram for KDP and the Curie-Weiss Law.

Applications: FRAMs and FLCDs.

Ferroelectric hysteresis diagram handout

Some data for ferroelectric materials

KDP phase diagram handout

What you need to know

You need to be aware of the underlying physical basis for the ferroelectric effect in terms of domain structure and simple energy considerations.

You should know the physical significance of Ps, Pr and Ec and the manner in which the hysteresis diagram changes with T.

You should be aware of the typical form of the phase diagram for a ferroelectric material and the form of the Curie-Weiss Law in the paraelectric regime.

You should be aware of some of the possible applications of ferroelectric materials.

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