Electromagnetism – Books

There are a vast number of books on EM theory at a variety of levels. Only a few are mentioned here. Quoted prices are those obtainable as of late August 2002.


Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (3rd ed.)- P.Lorrain, D.R.Corson & F.Lorrain
Publishers - W.H.Freeman & Co. - ISBN 0-716-71869-3 (paperback) -  Price £25.95
Fairly comprehensive, lots of problems, covers elementary EM and most of the material in the Level 2 course + additional, more advanced material.

Further information can be found HERE

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Phenomena - P.Lorrain, D.R.Corson & F.Lorrain
Publishers - W.H.Freeman & Co. - ISBN 0-7167-3568-7 (hardback) £43.99
This is a somewhat cut-down but more nicely presented version of the above book by
the same authors. The emphasis is rather more on the statics than the wave
elements of EM and is therefore probably more useful to those who are also looking to "brush-up" on their first year knowledge.

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Electromagnetism (2nd ed.) - I.S.Grant & W.R.Phillips
Publishers - Wiley - ISBN 0-471-92712-0 (paperback) - Price £24.99
This is a readable book containing discussion of a number of fairly up to date, practical topics. Fairly good coverage of most of Level 1 and 2.
Classical Electromagnetism - R.H.Good
Publishers - Harcourt - ISBN 0-03-022353-9 (hardback) - Price £23.95
Good coverage of introductory (Level 1) material in a recently published book with a relaxed style. Basic ideas quite well explained. Most, but not all, of the Level 2 material covered albeit using slightly different notation to the Level 2 course. Contains a number of fully worked examples. Some advanced material also present.

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Lectures in Physics Vol. 2 - R.P.Feynman, R.B.Leighton & M Sands
Publishers - Addison Wesley Longman - ISBN 0-201-02117-X (paperback) - Price £43.99
A classic! Not  a conventional textbook, there are no problems to try out, but great emphasis is placed on trying to explain the physics of EM. Anyone claiming to know about the subject should have read this book.

See some of the comments of the readers of Lectures in Physics Vols. 1-3 HERE

Classical Electrodynamics (3rd ed.) - J.D.Jackson
Publishers - Wiley - ISBN 0-471-30932-X (hardback) - Price £34.99
A comprehensive and authoritative text but NOT for the faint hearted! Good advanced reference work.

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Basic Electromagnetism - E.R.Dobbs
Publishers - Kluwer  - ISBN 0-412-55570-0 (paperback) - Price £29.25
A very concise book covering all the basic Level 1 material plus most of this course in a nice, compact package. However, expensive given the compact size.