Some Electromagnetism lecture topics

Lecture 1 Background knowledge review.

Lecture 2 Formulation of Maxwell's Equations.

Lecture 3 Formulation of Maxwell's Equations + ...

Lecture 4 The Continuity and Wave Equations.

Lecture 5 Dielectric materials.

Lecture 6 Magnetic materials.

Lecture 7 Maxwell's Eqns. in LIH media.

Lecture 8 Wave Equations in LIH media. Poor conductors and good conductors.

Lecture 9 Energy considerations. Poyntings vector.

Lecture 10 Time averaging. Examples. Energy densities.

Lecture 11 Reflection/refraction boundary conditions.

Lecture 12 Frustrated TIR. Metallic interface. Fresnel's equations.

Lecture 13 Phase relationships. Reflection & transmission coefficients.

Lecture 14 Plasmas.

Lecture 15 Numerical calculations on plasmas. More on ionosphere.

Lecture 16 Scalar and vector potentials. The Herzian dipole.

Lecture 17 Results for the Herzian dipole. Radiation resistance.

Lecture 18 Directivity. Beam width. Half-wave dipoles and monopoles

Lecture 19 Dipole arrays. Receiving aerials.