Suzanne Fielding obtained her first degree in physics from Oxford University in 1997 and her PhD from Edinburgh University in 2000. Following postdoctoral research at Leeds University she spent four years lecturing in applied mathematics at Manchester University, before moving to the Department of Physics here at Durham University in 2009. In 2010 she received the Arthur B. Metzner award of the Society of Rheology. Financial support for her research has been provided by an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Theoretical Physics (2003-2006), an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2007-2012), a European Research Council Consolidator Grant, the EPSRC funded SOFI-CDT, and direct from industrial companies such as Schlumberger Cambridge Research Ltd. Her research interests lie in the theoretical and computational rheology (deformation and flow properties) of complex fluids such as colloids, emulsions, foams, microgels, surfactants, liquid crystals, and polymers.

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Last updated: 3rd September 2018