Timothy S. Green


A Few Words About Me


Greetings! And a warm welcome to my webpage.

My life has gone through a lot of changes lately. Having lived in England all my life and having just completed a Ph.D in astrophysics at Durham University, I now find myself living in Bangladesh. It was because of my wife, Shuprova - who I met during my time studying maths and physics at the University of Warwick - that I first visited Bangladesh in 2014. Immediately I was won over by its wonderful people, culture and food. This was also around the time that I realised that, whilst I enjoyed the day to day problem solving aspect of my Ph.D, my interest in the scientific questions themselves was waning and my focus had shifted to the more practical problems facing the contemporary world. I aim now to utilise my analytic and computing skill set to help address some of these problems, within the Bangladeshi context.

I love to read, with books being one of my key passions. I am a keen user of the book based community site, Goodreads, and have written some book reviews, which are available on my Goodreads profile.

I would describe myself as a foodie. One of life's greatest pleasures is the excitement of trying new foods & drinks - of discovering new aromas, flavours and textures. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy the endless satisfaction of combining ingredients together to create something new and better than the sum of its parts.

I am also an amateur photographer. I have always been fascinated by the world around me (it is the drive to understand it that led me to study physics) and photography is all about capturing those wonders around us. Some of my photos can be seen in the photography section of this webpage.

If you would like to check out my Twitter page, my handle is @TGreenBookWorm.

If you are interested in my academic research then my Durham staff profile can be found here and more information about my resarch can be found on the Academic Research section of this webpage, including links to my thesis and publications.