Research into practice: Progress informed by scholarship

Keynote 2: Research into practice: Progress informed by scholarship

David Read, University of Southampton - Download slides here (pdf, pptx)

Since first appointing a School Teacher Fellow in 2007, Chemistry at Southampton has built a team of 5 dedicated Teaching Fellows to share the delivery of teaching with the rest of the academic staff. Together with lab technicians and other education-related staff, they make up an Education Group, which, along with regular teaching duties, has a remit for the trialing and evaluation of innovative approaches to teaching. By funding MPhil and Ph.D studentships in Chemical Education Research, the department has demonstrated its commitment to scholarship and has helped to facilitate the dissemination of best practice across the teaching programme. The talk will focus on the role of scholarship in informing the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching innovations in the teaching of chemistry, and how this has been shared with colleagues in other disciplines across the University of Southampton and beyond.