Near Peer Teaching

Developing a sustainable near peer teaching program in anatomical sciences: A collaborative exercise between staff and students to supplement curriculum teaching sessions

William Parton,  University of Southampton - Download slides here

Near peer teaching (NPT) is widely practiced throughout higher education in a number of disciplines. The potential benefits to student teachers, student learners and faculties have been well explored. Teaching of clinical anatomy, taught almost exclusively on medical programs in the UK, has a long standing history with this approach. To compensate for diminished teaching hours in clinical anatomy a student led NPT initiative at The University of Southampton was established, becoming an effective and sustainable program of teaching that is highly valued by The Faculty. Its success is grounded by a strong collaborative approach between staff and students and has spawned scholarly investigations focusing on the dynamics of the student learner experience and the positive effects of both social and cognitive congruence. To date we have made a number of key discoveries concerning the optimum educational distance between student teacher and learner. The program supports students in their developing careers, promoting lifelong learning and the opportunity to gain transferable skills in data collection and analysis.