The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program – Reflections on Training and Field-work in Philadelphia

By Marianne Doherty Postgraduate Research Student in the School of Applied Social Sciences I never thought I’d find myself thanking anyone for sending me to prison, this is most definitely a first. In June I attended a training course in Philadelphia which focused on The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (I’ll elaborate on this later). This […]

The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Sheraton Park Move – Danger or Opportunity?

By Pen-Yuan Hsing PhD Student in the Department of Biosciences As I write this post, I recall being riveted by the seminal climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth back in 2006. In the film (referring to the crises around anthropogenic climate change), former US Vice President Al Gore noted that the Chinese word for crises […]

Civil Contestation at Durham: Fossil Fuel Divestment, Climate Change and Being an Objective Scientist

by Mika Laiho   ESTABLISHING THE “ENERGY-CLIMATE CHANGE” NEXUS   According to evidence from Earth scientists, climate change has occurred across several periods of history before the twenty-first century while estimates of the number of times mass extinction has occurred range from as few as five to more than twenty. Discourse about climate change is […]